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azfryguy 09-27-2010 11:06 PM

My workout, anybody wanna offer some help?
Monday-Stretch,shadow box for 3 minutes,5 three min rounds on the heavy bag,weights (traps,shoulders.triceps,biceps and forearms) then i hiy the heavy bag a little bit longer and just work on my power like foreman in this video not as hard of course lol and i shadow box or walk to cool down.

Wed-same thing except I hit the bag (after weights)as fast as i can to get my speed up and I workout my abs chest and back

Fri-same thing as Mon but I hit the bag (after weights) to get my cardio up and I work out to my legs

So is this a good routine?

ODonovan8 02-16-2012 12:56 PM

It's an ok routine, but you would get better results working on movements instead of isolating bodyparts. Full body movements would be even better.

In mma every part of your body is operating in unison, so things like proper form deadlifts, proper turkish get ups, box jumps, medicine ball throws, single leg squatting and lunging movements are just some things that would make you better when used properly!

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