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WestCoastPoutin 07-22-2012 02:09 PM

Hey amateur & pro fighters! Give me an 8 weight training camp schedule!
Can any of you guys provide a break-down of how an 8 weight training camp before a fight works?

I've had a lot of success with P90X before, and I realize it wasnt so much the exercises, it was the fact that someone scheduled a developing workout system for me where I did not have to think about it.

Each day, there was something to do and someone told you how to do it.

I always thought this would be a good DVD opportunity for a fighter. I think Jeff Joslin posts here? Just an idea.

Anyways, just wanted a break down with as much detail as possible.

So, if the first 2 weeks are 'cardio building' weeks, just some ideas of what do to do build that cardio. Jog today, skip rope tomorrow etc. (or less detail if too long to post)

I dont do bjj so I would replace 'technique' with playing bball or something like that.

Anyways, its a long shot but maybe some of you guys can give me some info.

Also, I know its often 2 or 3 workouts a day. Im fortunate enough that I have the time to do this.


MMAStar96 07-23-2012 06:40 PM

Okay dude im only young but ive fought a few times and im down with my amateur style now simple if your like most fighters you have a few things to worry about 1.Weight cutting 2. Cardio 3. Strength over time and the main one i can think of Evoultion ill go through them for you as well as i can okay weight cutting if you have to cut like i do usually 10lbs you should lose this over time so you got 8 weeks start cutting now depending on how much you cut do it accordingly say you got 16lbs then cut 2lbs every week you got your goal okay next cardio i think you should just do your regular sessions like when i fought trained 7 times a week all good intensity but 2 light days i taught the kids class and i did a laid back grappling session and if you aren't feeling great about your cardio 2 weeks before a fight is not the time to change it start now and do some running long distance running start small then bigger and bigger depending on how many minutes your doing do this once a week thats enough nothing crazy and last week of camp you should not do proper heavy cardio just skip a little nothing heavy okay next strength over time its great lifting 100kg bench 2 times but it wont do a thing in your fight if hes in side control and you can lift him up twice and no more because the lactic acid has built up what you want to do is a caveman workout about 15 stations 1 minute each no rest do them all 1 minute straight pumping them out after your 15 1 minute break then straight back in do this 2 times a week you'll have so much strength and energy your heart will pump the blood well and you wont gas as easy and lastly Evolution by this i mean you gotta do something different if you're the best kickboxer in your gym and you have a decent ground game well do pads 2 times a week to keep sharp but really work on what you aren't good at if you've had fights and you have the video watch it over and over again with a notepad and write what you should do then get your trainer to watch it and him to write down what you should do if you never had a fight well full power sparring with the 5 best fighters in your gym for 2 minutes video it and see what your weak spots are if you need to go to another gym and spar with them they will want to destroy you if you're from an outside gym hate to say best way to prepare for a fight you want someone who is out for you cause in the fight thats there mentality they want to kill you dude good luck and message me if you have any questions

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