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xbrokenshieldx 04-06-2007 02:44 AM

hey guys. well ive been doing judo for about 7 months now. and there is a guy who i train with who is a complete douche bag. he is a probably a little better than me. im about 6' 170 pounds and he is probably 6'2 240ish. he is just one of those guys who thinks he is incredible at anything and talks so much sh1t that its annoying. i am just about a black belt in BJJ so on the ground i am WELL more than comfortable. however the guy is so big. in my class we are going to start a tournament with everyone in the next few weeks. i basically dominate everyone except him. i cant seem to get him to t he ground and when i do he just uses his weight to his advantage. i was wondering if yopu guys had any tips to help me?

Judoka 04-06-2007 03:49 AM

What footsweps do you know? and how good are you at them?

Can you throw him with any throws good enough to get Ippon?

Do you know any chokes?

Plus the weight thing on the ground? its possible to beat him but it will be hard, if you only had the magical wonder of weight divisions.

EastPhilly 04-06-2007 10:25 AM

The only way to use his weight to your advantage is to watch how he places himself. When your in class watch what he does with others. See if he puts too much weight over any center points. See what position he is worst in. Also try making it so you can go against him last. With him weighing a bit more he may also tire out quicker and you'll have a better shot at the win.

Is this guy well versed in BJJ also?

FLYING ARMBAR!!!! lol <- this works against judo guys alot since they keep the arm holding the collar of the Gi rigid so they can control you better. Make him push you back, put you leg opposite his rigid arm across his waits (toes toward his arm, shin against his waist (all this is while still standing)), Drop to the mat using his push, and use your other leg to go over his head and pull that armbar.

note: This is not the jumping flying armbar but a safer and still as effective way

edit: if this doesn't make sense the way I described it message me and I will try to explain it better or find somewhere that can or has pics.

xbrokenshieldx 04-06-2007 02:20 PM

yea im good at chokes. ive gone against him once before and almost threw him with a uchi mata or however u spell itbut but he was to big and i ended up getting tripped a few moments after.

and yea i was thinking of trying a flying arm bar on him. i wasnt sure if it would be a good choice beacause if it doesnt work he could have me in a bad spot especially with his size.

as i said im good on the ground with my bjj, but if i get him in guard and pull a triangle he will just pick me up and then we will stand back up.

i was thinking i should try a drop throw? wat do u guys think

by the way this tournament is just for fun with the guys in our class. i just want to whoop him cuz, as i said, he thinks his sh1t dont stink

EastPhilly 04-06-2007 03:04 PM

Achilles Lock maybe? He can't use his weight against that as easy, and if he is able to site up you can change it to an armbar. I know alot of gyms don't like the use of ankle locks as they are potentially dangerous but if your a black belt you cann handle it.

xbrokenshieldx 04-06-2007 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by EastPhilly
Achilles Lock maybe? He can't use his weight against that as easy, and if he is able to site up you can change it to an armbar. I know alot of gyms don't like the use of ankle locks as they are potentially dangerous but if your a black belt you cann handle it.

but leg locks arent allowed in judo. if they were i know i could beat him. his ground game isnt that great technically but he has some grappling skills.

kishiro 04-06-2007 06:29 PM

i am a massive 138-140lbs in a towering 5'6" frame, i am the only light weight on my judo team, which is made up of mostly heavies, a few things to i have learned is... when Vs a heavy is..

do not let him get grips, at all cost, no grips he can do no throw...

any throw he does land on your stomach NOT YOUR BACK THIS IS NOT BJJ, and or turtle. landing on your back is lossing in judo.

in judo he only has like 5 seconds to force a move. protect your neck and turtle, i hide under my lapel, to block chokes, elbow to knees to block hooks. then they stand us back up. since your a bjj guy i would attemp hip throws if i fail i would fall to my turtle, frocing him to take my back. i would make him work for a tap, and stalemate, forcing us to stand back up. if he is alot bigger he will get more tired going up and down.

certain throws work better on bigger guys than others. my goto throw against a bigger guy than myself is the drop seoinage.

when i go to bjj, and we start form standing. my instructor does eddy bravo sitting start, because he said he does not feel like getting thrown by me. it kinda sucks for me because he is so dominate on the ground, but i think i can get him in judo rules.

americanfighter 04-06-2007 06:32 PM

take a lesson from folkstyle wrestling and use the sweep single

xbrokenshieldx 04-06-2007 06:40 PM

yea i am pretty good at not letting guys get grips.. but thanks for all the advise guys. any other tips would help too

Judoka 04-06-2007 10:22 PM

Its a hard subject to give an answer over the internet but some more advice..

when thrown try to land as scrappy as possible to avoid ippon.

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