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JiuJitsuViking 02-07-2013 06:08 AM

I need help incorporating strenght and condition to my routine
As the title says, I really need help with working strenght and conditioning into my weekly routine. Right now, my weeks look like this:

Monday- BJJ
Tuesday- Muay Thai/ MMA
Wednesday- BJJ
Thursday- Muay Thai/MMA
Saturday- Submission Wrestling
Sunday- Rest

I usually throw in a full body strenght workout one or two times a week, where i do squats, rows, incline presses etc, 3 sets of 12. The problem is that I haven't felt any improvements in strenght, and my conditioning training is little to zero.

Could someone please give me some clues as to how I can incorporate strenght and conditioning into my routine, and also, what exercises I should be doing?

Any answers are highly appreciated! :)

UpAndComing2013 03-12-2013 11:48 AM

I find doing your mma/juijitsu/whatever classes all week and then trying to improve maximum power just doesn't happen. I only go through cycles of where I train at clubs, do pad work, do bag work, do interval training, do weight lifting... Gotta cycle everything from my experience to try to be near peak at all areas. Get sparring in and work on weaknesses by all means but all the pads bag work super amounts of cardio just doesn't work with maximum power. Im on a cutting cycle but not like body builders I have higher carbs and all whole grains from now on and have intense cardio twice a day but no weight training only plyometrics and I avoid bag because shoulders are already being used in clap press ups and breast stroke. In 19 more days ill begin by increasing carb intake but to be honest not by that much enough is enough... But I will reduce cardio to the minimum... To be honest again ill just do weights and have sex eat a lot and rest a lot. Wont be in the gym 4 times a week if that doing big core lifts with drop sets to maximise muscle endurance then after I get near my power lifting peaks again ill do a cycle of clubs, grappling, pad work bag work ect. Just food for thought. :)

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