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Adam196 04-17-2007 09:50 AM

How mma is beneficial to your mental & physical state
I am writing my senior project paper and i need help writing about how mma is beneficial to your mental & physical state. It would be greatly appreciated

sharkbite1979 04-17-2007 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by Adam196
I am writing my senior project paper and i need help writing about how mma is beneficial to your mental & physical state. It would be greatly appreciated

Here's the "short" list:

Top 5 Reasons to have your child in Martial Arts


In this day and age everyone knows the dangers lurking for kids around every corner. It is sad but true that most abducted children who are kidnapped are not only abused, but are killed. With more and more kids becoming latch key kids in our day and age, kids have to be able to respond to bad situations on their own. Kids need easy to understand direction, goals, and techniques, and emergency plans of operation in order to know what to do when the threat comes their way. This can only be accomplished through training. Kids need to know how to not only survive a violent attack attempt on the streets, but to be able to understand conflict resolution in the classroom. Even the bully could benefit by attending a martial arts class, in that the bully would learn respect for others, and discipline.


Often time's kids act out, and express themselves in a negative manner. Our martial arts programs help kids to improve their attention span, and respect others. Our classes help students to achieve better grades, and teach goal setting. The discipline and confidence booster in our classes assist and aids in better self control of the child. The child can become a better student.


This is the development of many of the attributes of the martial arts, such as courage, confidence, patience, self control, discipline, proper social interaction-getting along, and conflict resolution. This process of life skill development will carry the child through their adult years.


Our school provides a safe, healthy, high-quality place for kids to go after school. These children are taught in a Christian environment the positive life building goals for success in life. They develop camaraderie and an esprit de corps with the other students. Friendships develop, This is a much better alternative than having kids watch life pass them by as they sit on their home couches, eating unhealthy snacks, and watching (not participating) TV.


When you think of kids playing soccer, football, basketball, gymnastics, etc, you think of kids doing these activities seasonally. The reality is that few High School athletes go on to succeed in College sports, and fewer still go on to have a successful professional career from these sports. The reality is that a student who plays football, basketball, and stops playing can not keep his/her strength gains, endurance gains, etc. On the flip side, martial arts teach life saving physical confrontation skills, and not only surviving, but winning against an attack. Even after the sporting aspect of the martial arts is over in the child's life, the knowledge of what to do and not to do in real life physical conflicts will last a lifetime. In comparison, baseball, basketball, and football are play actives, and are not geared at winning in the arena of the street, or against bullies, the violent criminal, etc. Our martial arts program is geared to not only survive, but to win, when it counts.

During the changes in a child's long life, he/she can have fun with the martial arts, compete, play at it, concentrate on the sporting parts, concentrate and utilize the self defense parts, and in later years reap the benefits from a life time of flexibility, endurance, strength, concentration, greater focus, courage, etc, which will aid them in the real world as adults, and later when they grow into their golden years (for health reasons).

This is the best lifetime gift you can give your child. This starts your child on a lifetime road of good citizenship, and being motivated to do what is right and correct, and to strive for doing what is correct and good.


Self Esteem






Helps kids with ADD because of the structured environment






Elevated Energy





Composed Attitude

Mental Awareness

Situational Awareness

Individuality Development

Self Discipline Development

Team Work Development

I can do it attitude

pauly_j 04-17-2007 01:04 PM

Not to mention you feel amazing when your body is at the peak of physical conditioning, but I guess that goes for most sports.

Adam196 04-18-2007 10:08 AM

Thanks for the help you guys. So tell me hows life after high school? I plan on making fighting my career, does anyone have any helpful advice for me?

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