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Tagheur 06-22-2007 12:20 PM

New to the gym
Sorry i would have posted this with my other thread but for some reason i cant edit the title so i decided to make another thread..

I just got a 4 month gym pass last week and i feel pretty out of place in the gym though it doesnt bother me that much i just dont know what machines to use and all..Over the 4 months id like to just get strong and lean not go and do low reps of lots of weight to get real big.Currently im about 160 5'11 and have some fat on me id like to get to be about same weight or 5-10 pounds lighter just lose the fat and gain it in muscle.

Im also thinking i should buy protein because my diet doesnt have enough i think...

Id like some basic tips how i could go about doing this and tips you guys used when you first started in the gym.

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