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Suvaco 07-13-2007 02:07 PM

What to do with my shake
I know Trey B already posted his protein shake recipe, but I don't have the same flavor, so that can't work for me. I have a vanilla ice cream flavored shake, so can anyone give me good ideas what to make it with other than milk?

LV 2 H8 U 07-13-2007 02:11 PM

My wife uses a soy milk :dunno: I just use reg milk.

Suvaco 07-13-2007 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by LV 2 H8 U
My wife uses a soy milk :dunno: I just use reg milk.

That's not what I meant. I mean like what fruits and other stuff should I use if I'm going to use a blender.

Suvaco 07-13-2007 02:13 PM

It's my fault for not wording it very well.

LV 2 H8 U 07-13-2007 02:21 PM

Oh, I like to add the usual stuff like strawberries and bananas. I've seen my wife put cinnamon and apples in. I think I saw a recipe book for weight lifters that had this kind of thing in it. Try to google "protien shake recipes" :thumb02:

brownpimp88 07-13-2007 02:27 PM

Try Orange Juice, Ice, A bit of low fat Vanilla Ice Cream and fruits of your choice(I'd rec. Bananas, Strawberries and/or mangos). That is a basic shake.

kyle1 07-13-2007 04:19 PM

You can try making a full MRP out of it. Try grinding up 1/4-1/2 cup of steel cut oats(or regular) + 1/2 banana+ a mix a of water and milk. If it falls within your diet add a tbsp of PB as well. :thumbsup:

slitz 07-15-2007 01:51 PM

i take two scoops of choc protien, half a banana, some raspberries, and strawberries if i have them... mix it with half water, half milk

1 in the morning, 1 post workout, 1 before bed

wukkadb 07-15-2007 02:49 PM

Be creative man, use fruits, juices and even ice cream if you want.

ortizrampage 07-18-2007 05:58 PM

I found this one a while ago and I like it

2 scoops of Raspberry Yogurt
4 strawberries
15 blueberries
16 ounces of nonfat milk
1.2 cup of ice cubes.

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