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kyle1 08-29-2006 03:38 AM

At a crunch for time! Help !
Alrighty everyone I started college and it is VERY difficult with night classes to train as much as I want... so that being said here is what I am doing and what should I be doing solo?

Monday: Lift/ cardio training(then night/day school)
tuesday: Run in the morning >> 6-8:30 grappling/muay thai
wednesday:repeat mon
thurs:repeat tues
friday:repeat mon
sat:train muay thai for about an hour(1 on 1 with my coach) lift
sun:rest day.

I CAN train more by myself LATER at night so I was wondering if it is wise to invest in a heavy bag, speed bag, some rolling pads and pretty much train as much as I can solo? Dunno any ideas are good

TheGame46 09-03-2006 11:18 AM

what style of training are you doing, and talk to the wrestling coach, they might have bags in that you can use.

Easye1982 09-03-2006 12:08 PM

What is your sleep schedule like? Anyone can be awake and eat, train, work, lift, and learn for 20 hrs a day. But your doing more damage then good. On days you lift, that night try to get at least 8hrs sleep. Your body heals while its sleep, faster then when your awake.

But as for doing it on your own...there are always people in the gym, find someone you see regularly and make a friend. I hate going to the gym by myself. I need someone to push me and to compeate against. So its rellay hard for me to push myself the way I would if someone else was there with me. But if its safety your woried about...then yes two is always safer...but like I said the gym is never empty.

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