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hort-term endurance training results in a muscle-specific decrease of myostatin mRNA content in the rat.

* Matsakas A,
* Friedel A,
* Hertrampf T,
* Diel P.

Department of Molecular and Cellular Sports Medicine, German Sport University Cologne, Carl-Diem-Weg 6, 50933 Cologne, Germany.
AIM: Myostatin has been characterized as a negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth. To examine a probable function of myostatin during the adaptation of skeletal muscle in response to training, we analysed the effect of short-term endurance training on myostatin and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) mRNA contents in rat skeletal muscles. To assess the impact of the training stimulus, mRNA levels of metabolic genes were analysed simultaneously. METHODS: Male Wistar rats were trained for 5 days by swimming, while another group remained untrained. Myostatin, IGF-I, glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4), hexokinase II (HK II) and hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase (HAD) mRNA levels were determined by real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) in gastrocnemius, vastus lateralis and soleus muscles. A time course experiment was conducted, in order to examine transient changes of myostatin mRNA contents in gastrocnemius 7 and 24 h after one-swimming session as well as 24 h after a 3-day swimming training. RESULTS: No significant changes in IGF-I and GLUT4 mRNA levels were found in any of the muscles analysed. mRNA contents of myostatin were significantly reduced in gastrocnemius and vastus lateralis but not in soleus. In agreement to this pattern, we found significantly higher mRNA levels of HK II and HAD in the trained group. The time course experiment revealed significantly reduced myostatin mRNA contents in gastrocnemius 7 but not 24 h post-exercise. The 3-day swimming training resulted also in significantly lower myostatin mRNA levels in the trained group. CONCLUSION: This study demonstrated that short-term endurance training may modulate myostatin mRNA levels, implying a probable role of myostatin in remodelling of skeletal muscle in response to training.

Researcher, Biochemist, Trainer,
Owner of Flawless Training
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Game, this is good stuff. I just registered on your forum, looks promising.

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Thanks Bro. It just opened Friday and we seem to be doing great so far. I plan to have several sponsored fighters on the board as soon as I can afford them as well.

Researcher, Biochemist, Trainer,
Owner of Flawless Training
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Originally Posted by TheGame46
LOL well let me help you see the light then
Heres one of my short articles

When a person is working out to gain muscle, the goal is anabolism. You’re trying to create the conditions for an anabolic response. This means you want to limit any response that is going to decrease muscle growth, and increase every response you can to stimulate it. When comparing a single set of squat, to multiple sets (6) in this study. Post workout test showed now significant change in androgen receptor content or cortisol levels in the single set group. However the multiple set group showed a significant decrease in androgen receptors and an increase in cortisol. That is both decreases the anabolic effect that hormones can have on the muscle tissue, and increasing catabolism, or the break down of muscle tissue. We have all seen this in real life, it’s the guy that comes in and does 3 sets of dumbbell curls, and then 3 sets of barbell curls, and then 3 sets of preachers or something and has nothing to show for it. He is probably the gyms most frequent member, pushing himself in the no pain/no gain fashion. But no gain is exactly what he is getting. Studies have shown that when it comes to hypertrophy doing a certain exercise beyond 1 max intensity set, maybe 2, is just burning more calories. No additional hypertrophic response is going to be gained by doing 5 intense sets vs. 2 intense sets. One thing I will include however is that more sets have been shown to increase HGH levels. So this suggest an opening for drugs/exercise, meaning that more sets could be done with AAS and a cortisol blocker, to increase HGH levels and still keep a prime environment for muscle hypertrophy. However when not taking these drugs the increase in HGH will likely not overcome the negative factors.

Now how about training frequency. We all know that exercising once properly can result in increased testosterone levels and increased androgen receptors. How do we know when we should hit the gym again to keep these effects without overtraining or causing negative effects like those listed above. Studies have shown that a repeat exercise bout at 48hours after the original results in further increase in both testosterone and androgen receptors, and furthermore 48 hours later done a 3rd time. This is the science behind the hypertrophy specific training method. These guys didn’t just think this up in the gym one day. This type of training was the first to be based on the science of muscle hypertrophy. I know long time vets, that have sworn off all over methods after starting HST.
So now that you have packed on some muscle how do you shed that fat without limiting your further gains, or losing the ones you have. HIIT, high intensity interval training has been a very popular method, and for good reason. Short length, high intensity cardio bouts have a more positive effect on hormone levels, while long bouts of cardio sky rocket cortisol levels and can increase myostatin, where as short-term endurance training reduces myostatin.
What if one were to take a testosterone formula such as Xience Test? Would taking that make it possible to workout for longer hours?
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i agree with u ther mate even if u just work them into your cardio workouts
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Everyone has it pretty much covered so the rest is up to you. I would keep track of how you feel everyday in your workout journal(if you don't have one, start one!) adjust things around if necessary. Only you know if you are over training.
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