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Heavy Bag Workout Routines

I own a heavybag and I would appreciate it if anyone would share some effective heavy bag workouts to increase my cardio. This may include like specific punches for a specific amount of time, at a specific speed. Anything would help.


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Originally Posted by King Kabuki
Alright, so I been really getting heavy into my training to go Pro, and thought I would share a breakdown of how I do rounds on the heavybag because since I put together this little exercise and put it into use 5 days out of the week I've shown DRAMATIC improvements, and also I noticed most of my weaknesses, I'm not as good as I initially thought I was.

On the heavybag I don't just start hitting the shit. Nor do I put together punch-combinations right away. I do 5 solid rounds at the moment (about to jump it to 6), and do not take breaks longer than about 30 sconds between rounds. I've put myself in a position to learn a lot about energy distribution as it pertains to my own ability. So I had to break down each minute of each round of what to work on as well, to see what punches took the most out of me and where I throw them that I needed work on. And here's the result:

Round 1: Jab work

1st minute, jabbing high. Keeping the chin tucked, and firing off the hip and shoulder, not just flicking, but getting a stiff pop. Paying specific attention to my legs. No tip toeing, no leaning. Occasionally feinting as well to vary the angle.

2nd minute, jabbing to the body. Bending the knees to get low, NOT leaning over. Not leaning my head too far to the inside either, which would set me up for a nice over-hand counter.

3rd minute, jabbing high and doubling up. This is tough because your balance will be a little off at first from jabbing low for a whole minute. Same rules apply as minute 1, but this time what you have to be wary of is when you double up the jab, your form doesn't get sloppy on the second one. You'll notice your back hand will want to drop. DON'T do that.

Round 2: Cross work

1st minute, lead-cross high. This was a WEAK punch for me. When I always followed the jab with it I thought I was hitting hard with it, but didn't realize how weak it was without a jab in front of it for me personally. Plus balance on this punch sucks balls and you feel very vulnerable when you throw it alone. Gotta make sure you don't drop your lead-hand and that you pull back the cross and get back into stance quick enough. Any punch should be pulled back as fast as you fired it. Isolating this punch will also let you know if your wrist is strong. Mine has been sore for about a month. lol Also, DO NOT pull your fist back HIGH. I noticed my arms wanted to do this on their own, elbow was sky high when I pulled it back. I had to train it to stay down else I get slipped and countered to the body.

2nd minute, lead-cross to the body. What a bizarre punch. But I noticed it's both fast and deceptive when I trained it up. Perfect for closing a distance fast and throwing a punch at thesame time, the lunge you do when you cross allows you to step up and be in close, if you follow this punch up with a hook to the body with your lead-hand it's a very tricky combination, but combinations are for later. For now, just isolate the lead low-cross. However, again keep that lead hand in defensive position, this punch makes you alarmingly vulerable to a well-place uppercut. I would practice feinting into and out of it.

3rd minute, lead-cross high and doubling up. Who doubles up a cross? Who cares? being able to is a good sign you can punch your balls off. Plus it's also tricky because most people expect a follow-up of a cross to be anything but a cross. Also, for this make sure when you double it up you're not just punching off the shoulder alone. It's tough to get down and feel out the mechanics of it, but try it and you'll see what I mean.

Round 3: Lead-hook work.

1st minute, lead-hook high. A fun punch to work on, but a very tough one to have a lot of power on because there is little room for the pivot you do when you throw a hook with your power-hand. Almost no turn of the knees and hip, especially if you want to keep it compact and not wide and looping. So what I did to compensate for it is actually I kind of roll my shoulder into it when I throw it, as well as give my hips a good little pop. This also protects the chin pretty good if you keep it tucked behind that rolling shoulder. However, the hard thing to do is throw this punch fast enough that you don't telegraph it. So for the first minute do it as fast as you can with correct form, nevermind power.

2nd minute, lead-hook low. It's pretty near impossible to throw this punch without leaning in and being vulnerable to an uppercut. But I think it can be done. I keep my rear-hand tight when throwing hooks with the lead-hand (unless I'm flurrying, which is a different animal altogether) and basically use the same mechanics as stated above, just that I bend my knees instead of leaning forward and exposing my face too much.

3rd minute: lead-hook high with power. Now we go back to the same thing as minute one, save for that now you throw a knockout punch. The hardest part is now you're tired as Hell and keeping your form AFTER you land the punch is going to be murder (especially if you're wearing full-sized gloves). You're going to be tempted to stand up straight and expose your chin to breathe. Train yourself not to. How? Keep your knees bent and throw the hooks non-stop in bursts, stop, start again until the round is completely over.

Round 4: Rear hook work.

1st minute, high rear-hand hook. BE CAREFUL you're not too relaxed. Mentally because you know this is probably your bread-and-butter punch. Doesn't mean to Hell with form. I keep my lead arm tight with the knuckles right at my cheekbones and elbow close to my ribs, twist hips, toes, knees, POW! Also be VERY careful not to lean to your lead-side too far, and to keep that chin tucked even when your shoulders rotate. Seems stupid because you won't be looking directly at your opponent, but if he times you and fires a straight punch, it'll catch your shoulder and not your chin if you keep your form right. This punch when you land it should sound like a shotgun blast.

2nd minute, rear-hook to the body. This is MY bread-and-butter punch. However the forming of bad habits is all over this one. Don't stand up straight, don't lean forward (which will actually take power FROM your punch), just bend your knees to get lower. Plus you have to be cognizant of returning to stance quickly because the rear-hook leaves a Hell of a window of vulnerability in general. I actually will bring in my elbow immediately following the landing of the hook, so that both hands are in position, then turn my body back to it's original position, work on doing this very FAST.

3rd minute, double rear-hook high. I practice this specifically because if I land the left hook (I'm a Southpaw) I know at the very least I'll stun you. So it might take two to knock your ass out. Same mechanics as the 1st minute, now envision everything and everyone you hate and that this punch will end it all. lol

Round 5: Combinations (THIS SUCKS, but it's a GOLDEN workout)

**By this point you're soaked, your breathing heavy most likely, and you're dead tired, mouthpiece halfway out, you NEED to rest. **** that. Show your will and press on.

For the next 3 minutes I work on chaining together everything I did in the above 4 rounds. I work on every single variation I can, and full speed AND power. It's really nerve-racking, but worth it. Here's some tips though that I myself use during this 3 minutes:

- Make sure and move your feet after every punch combination.
- KEEP YOUR HANDS UP AND CHIN TUCKED. You'll want nothing more than to not, resist.
- Feint two or three times before every third combination.
- Allow the bag to swing, don't stop it. Move laterally around it and try to catch the moving mass with solid punches.
- Keep your MOUTH CLOSED.

Try this shit and see how you like it. lol As of the moment it feels good, which lets me know it's time to step it up. I'll be purchasing an uppercut bag soon and will incorporate two more rounds of just uppercut work.

***New Round Added:

So as I said I was looking to jump this routine up a bit because I was getting strong with it despite some lapses in my form as I get tired. So I added an additional round and it ******* sucks in that great way that pushes you to your physical and mental limit.

The first thing I did was take away breaks in between rounds completely. I swig some water, spit it out, walk around for a sec, and continue, no real lapsed time between rounds.


There is no minute breakdown for this round. This is something I took from another thread that I mentioned in-passing and decided to do 3 minutes of it at the end of my heavy-bag routine. I mentioned that I don't stop the bag from swinging much and that occasionally I let it slam into me, and practice working on the inside or pushing it off with an elbow and a forearm and throwing what could be considered counter-punches, nice and tight, up and down. So I decided to try working on the inside for an entire 3 minutes, as most of us know in Boxing a guy who is getting tired will clinch and lay all over you hoping to smother any chance you have of hitting him. So after the 5th round of full speed and power combinations, for the 6th I step in to where the bag is pushed by my arms, tuck in tight, and go to work on the inside. I let the bag move around me, and move around it, circling, sometimes backing off to throw a hard combination, which pushes the bag back, then I step in and let it slam back into me as if it's an opponent attempting to tie me up. This is REALLY draining, holding up the weight of it with my arms mainly and my shoulders. Keeping my hands up is a BITCH. So is trying to get off a crisp solid punch when I'm in that tight.

Now if you want to add intensity, occasionally try to flurry with the damn thing leaning on you. Hit it to where you have it pushed away, then when you move your hands back to position it will fall right back onto your arms. If you've never done work at this intensity before then I personally guarantee if you pull off all 6 of these rounds you'll want to call 911 when you're through.
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heres a question, is it alright to try kicks on a heavy bag? or do you need a specific bag for that?
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Originally Posted by plazzman
heres a question, is it alright to try kicks on a heavy bag? or do you need a specific bag for that?
Heavy bag is fine

What a stud

Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
The power of Aleks, his small baby and pimp hardcore dogs has granted you useful insight, my friend.
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