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Originally Posted by b00mknockout
lol my bad, was talking about the meat of the salmon not the specie of pink salmon

i don't let mercury stand in the way of eating fish
i don't even worry about it in the slightest way

Oh, jeez that's good to hear. They do sell pink salmon in small cans like tuna, but it's horrible. It's not even good when it's fresh. I live in Alaska and eat fish pretty much constantly. I'm in great shape and feel great. I'm not sure what mercury poisoning would be like, but I am not too worried about it.
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thanks for all the replies, sorry i busy trying to get a new job so i can get the xtra cash to pay for more training. its difficult for me cause i keep getting dq'd for jobs and a license cause of a damn eye problem. hell i used to have to wear those thick glasses which is the very reason i would not compete in tournaments.

anywya, i modified the diet. i counted out 14 essential minerals and 13 vitamins, plus choline and omegas. Now I changed the 3 from milk, bread and pb to milk bread and tuna. i used that nal site with all the exact nutrients in it (http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/) and i found that yea, i was short on half of em. So i added a cup of spinach to take care of K which i had none of, Carotenoids, manganese, etc. Sunflower seeds for E, and bananas for C.

So now i got per diem
1 gal 1% milk
4 sli whole wheat bread
2 can light tuna NOT albacore
1 cup spinach
1 cup sunflower seeds
3 bananas
1 multi, which i actually had before btw

goal was to get the optimum daily allowence of all vitamins and minerals. this did it except for the b vitamins and c and one other. example rda is 1.2mg for thiamine, oda is like 100mg that cannot be accomplished without offsetting proteins lipids and vits and minerals cause i would need a copius amount of an excellent source and im only limited to approx 3000 cals a day. thats what the multi is for, to bridge the gap on the few things with ridiculous oda requirents. i should point out that in those cases i still get the rda and then some naturally.

protein: 144 from milk + 55 from tuna + bout 21 from bread and veggies. so thats 220

carbs: 208 milk 60 bread and then some from the plants, forgot how much

lipids: milk about 80g + 6 from tuna and some from plants

sorry this is off my head, ill give you the complete details including vits and mins if ya want

btw calcium and phosphorus are well over upper levels, but then again they fight each other for absorption and vit d keeps em in check, and i got a good amount of vit d.
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please read the all the posts

forget micromanaging when you're not macromanaging

forget %ages.

list your diet in this form:

7:00 1 tin tuna, 1 slice wholegrainbread
9:00 1 gal milk

Your weight has plateaud? eat more then... strength hit plateau as well? what do you squat at the moment? What's your routine like?

horrible diet.

better protein sources: egg whites, chicken, beef, quark, tuna.. etc

better carb sources: oats, pasta, weetabix, brown rice.. etc

better fat sources: oily fish, egg yolks, nuts, seeds.. etc

diet is devoid of omega 3 fats
add fruits and vegetables
using the food suggestions above you could make diet that would certainly work.
you've added fruits and vegetables. give yourself 1 check

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better protein sources, i added in tuna... spinach has some two and milk i thought was a good one. (oh btw, i also use creatine)

better carbs, well again i thought whole wheat was a good one, and those veggies are nothing if not good carbs...

fats, well i added tuna if you want ill just go skim milk and add olive oil or something to replace the lost fat calories

the plateu was yea from not eating more at the moment. i cannot afford this simple thing at the moment i do not have a job. im trying to get a warehouse job but they keep doing vision screenings and i keep getting dq,d. what can i say.


8x3 jump shurgs 65% intensity for speed
120% rm hold for squats 6 secs.
1x3 squat
120% rm hold for decline bench 6 secs
1x3 decline
3x3 drop snatches (cross between a squat and btn press)
3x3 weighted chins
3x3 rows
3x3 1 legged dl
3x5 powerclean
3x5 inchworm crawl out, crawl back
3x5 rev wrist curls
3x60s-2min static neck hold

5x3 clap pushups
5x3 box jumps
120% x2 dl partial
1x3 dl
3x3 push press
3x3 1 legged squat
3x3 side deadlift
3x3 dip
2x12 reverse wrist curls
2x12 external rotator cuff move
3x60s-2m static neck hold

NOTE: stupid me, one reason for a plateau is that i am adding too much weight at some points, 2.5% a week is ave and im trying to double it lol

endurance/speed, mon wed fri
3min 1 legged jumproping
15 clap pushups
15 rows with a medicine ball each side
run up to the ball, throw it forward off alt legs x20
run up o the ball slam it on the ground alt legs x30
"" "" throw it backward overhead alt legs x20
3min shuffle splints
"" "" throw ball sideways overhead alt sides x20
run in place 10 secs, drop down, 1 leg mountain climber x20
40 lunges in a row, holding the ball overhead
jumping jack to the ground, double mountain climber x10
lunge in 5 directions each leg, x10
20 lyin leg raises
20 crunches
3min 1 legged jump rope

NOTE: i get this done between 20-25 min and its a pain in the ass in the heat. if i had the money, i would buy an xvest and work up to doing the same thing carrying 84lbs. check here if you want to see the routine: TESTOSTERONE NATION

tues/wed/thurs/sat: i wail on the bag for bout half an hour, either practing my tech, """" using full power, or just smashing it as fast as i can till my atp runs out (working on speed) i also do my patterns, rolls, breakfalls, study shit on grappling, etc. again, i cant afford a school atm though i know of a good one. i do not have a job. dont blame me, being handicapped is an outdated notion of evolution and should be wiped. yes, i am bitter lol. oh btw i stretch 6 days a week
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that is mma training not mass&strength training

you've answered the question
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hold on so you are telling me that its not like good for building size?

i took up weights two years ago and devoted much time to trial and error so i am gonna guess:

are you saying its not enought volume or something? cause i know the rule of thumb for size and strength is reps x sets >= 25... you saying that i maxed out my strength for my weight with intramuscular coordination and nerual efficiency, and if i wanna add more to the bar i am gonna have to add more to the volume?
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for size/strength for beginners-average i'd recommend something like this: (all reps 3x8 or 5x5) (except calf raises you could 3x25 and 20 rep squats every other week)(and maybe lower and heavier on the deadlift)

day 1

wide overhand chins
bb bent over row/db row
bicep curls

day 2

leg ext/leg press superset
stiff legged deadlifts
calf raises

day 3

bench press
weighed dips
overhead press
db seated press
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