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Training & Nutrition Training and Nutrition are essential in becoming a top notch mixed martial artist. Discuss with other fighters how to get and stay in top shape!

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Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle From Me - If You're A Little Out Of Shape...Take A Look!

This thread is more nutrition oriented...but can be utilized with training.

Don't drink DIET soda...I don’t care how dumb ass people say "dude don’t drink coke, drink diet coke" it’s a mental thing - the thing is - Aspartame in diet sodas (or artificial sugars; splenda) cause massive fat blood storage - which means it stays in your body as "stored water weight" and can cause depression which can cause binges.

To keep motivated - keep your music fresh.

Addicted to fatty foods? ----> Brush your teeth 7-10 times a day.

Addicited to soda ----> try lime in water, tough it out, after a few weeks soda will taste like shyt - just like beer when you first start drinking it.

Bored at gym ----> Try classes and power working (1/2 our one day, hour the next, rotating machines).

The fact is…stay under 2,000 calories a day - you'll burn fat off.

Eat lots of chicken, fish, you already know…

That’s some tips I'll leave you people with.

As for gaining muscle:

Buy Whey protein, 1 scoop=20 grams protein
Don’t buy shit more than 20 grams because you can’t process that much protein in one serving (40 gram protein drinks = waste of money).
Have 1 gram of protein per 1/2 pound u are - for instance have 5 drinks through the day if you weigh 200 pounds. The drinks will also suppress your appetite - know what I’m saying?

Buy one of those mixing drink things, add 8oz's of water & a scoop of protein (don’t buy banana protein - it doesn’t powder well - buy strawberry) and drink.

Just make sure you have protein before you work out and right after.

Joining a gym and getting personal training is the greatest thing you'll ever do!

And don’t think its boring - because after a month, you become an ADDICT! Within 3-4 months (which will go by VERY fast) people will be BEGGIN’ you to tell them your secret.

Oh yeah, if you want to follow a diet - read the ADBS Diet - the only real lifestyle change you should follow - it explains how carbs are good if they are good like WHOLE WHEAT instead of WHITE BREAD.

Don’t watch me - don’t watch TV - watch your FU*KING weight.

If you have extra skin, try doing muscle toning. Like crunches, sit ups, bridges, REAL slow and take your time - doing 5 SLOW crunches is better than 10 fast crunches.

Protein is the best way to lose weight and gain muscle. As I was saying, it tastes GREAT & it fills you up and it makes muscle grow much more rapidly.

It is very important you don’t do muscle exercises everyday Your body needs to recuperate every other day. But, you can do lower body one day and upper body one day - try doing an hour of cardio every other day or ½ hour everyday.

NEVER get into the habit of "I'll start my diet tomorrow" or "I'll go to the gym when I feel like it" ----> The fact is - you'll never start with that type of attitude - but if you force yourself everyday for a week you'll become addicted.

Its a fact working out dramatically gives you energy - so the more energy you have - the more you'll work out. WOW!

DON'T DRINK ENERGY DRINKS!!!!! You'll become addicted to them and end up being sluggish and tired.

Another fact: 8 hours of sleep = lose weight.

10 hours = gain weight.

The ADBS diet explains that 60% of people who don’t get 8 hours of sleep tend to gain weight - so kick yourself outta bed - roll out at exactly 8 hours.

For an expanded weight loss solution buy CALCIUM PILLS (600MG per tablet) and have one in the morning and one at night...that’s 1,200 MG of calcium - 8 glasses of milk - without the milk-fat but with the fat burning power of calcium. I had to do this because I’m lactose intolerant. No milkie for Trey.

Make sure you have your Centrum vitamins for your energy and good health. I bought some of these – that are chewable. They work awesome and taste pretty good.

Please listen to me: cutting carbs is GREAT for losing weight in the short term, but can you really go your whole life eating that shit? The fact is….EAT carbs. - just DON'T eat in excess.

Look at it this way... Do you overeat? Eat HALF of what you usually do and you'll be HALF the size of what you are.

You want to be in good shape for the rest of your life? This isn't a diet – it’s a lifestyle change.

P.S. Take everything slow - if you do 400 crunches a day - your not gonna do any of them for the rest of the month! Make sure you do at least 10 everyday for a week, the week after that do 15-30...continute increasing from there.

If there is any diet book I can recommend it’s the ADBS diet book as I was saying - they sell it in any major books store, it teaches the proper things to eat and WHEN to eat – for instance, eating 6 times a day will turn your fat burning metabolism into a furnace! And it’s an interesting read... I read 200 pages the first day I got it and I hardly ever read books!

The book also explains step by step on doing crunches and lets you chose the ones that are right for you.

But remember - you can do 1,000 crunches a day but you won’t have my 6 pack. You have to RUN or JOG (NOT WALK!!) to break down the fatty acids in your stomach.

The extra skin comment: You MUST tone your body by doing all types of slow crunches (some with weights), abdomen workouts, pushup bridges - Running can only burn your fat, you must tone your body for the extra skin to disappear.

The major fact of the matter is may or may not know this:

It takes around 100 calories a day to MAINTAIN 1 pound of muscle on your body.

----> If you gain 6 pounds of takes your body 600 calories a day to keep it.

600 calories is roughly 1 hour of cardio.

That means if you gain only 6 pounds of muscle and do an hour of cardio - that’s 1,200 calories a day... everyday for a week that’s about 8,000 calories a week lost...about 2 1/2 pounds of fat gone a week.

In a month that’s like 10-15 pounds lost - and that’s not counting the muscle you gained and the way your body turned around - trust me - you can be 250 pounds but gaining 6 pounds of muscle and losing 15 pounds of fat - shiiit - your already past any goal you thought you'd ever make.

I can explain about building muscle - but if u want that'll be on another post.. its just too much to talk about all I can say is do it every OTHER day.. doing it everyday doesn’t allow your body to re-grow its muscle lost and can cause u not to gain any "beach" muscle..

ever see those skinny rednecks that can bench 500 pounds?.....exactly!

Shockingly...don’t be frustrated if you run on a treadmill for 10 minutes, only burned 100 calories and you think 2 yourself "damn that’s it? all that work and that’s not even as many calories in a can of soda?" because that’s NOT TRUE! I believe all aerobic machines shouldn’t even display calories - cause it’s BULLSHIT - it DOESN’T matter it tones you whether you burn 5 calories or 500 calories – DON’T EVEN look at the stats when your doing cardio.

It’s easier for guys to lose weight because growing muscle rapidly helps it - it melts the fat you’ve got off.


*if used right*

As I was saying - believe me - trust me - buy a 5 gallon container of powdered WHEY protein (if it don’t say Whey don’t buy it) and make sure its 20g per scoop.

Protein cuts muscle growth time in half and it tastes great, fills the empty calories you need (about 100 GOOD calories per drink) - and fills you up so you can say NO to that Burger King!

Protein, working out, and slightly trimming your eating habits can help you like you don’t even know - trust me - I LOVE to eat & I can’t stand salads and healthy shit.. but the things you REALLY gotta cut are: white bread, fried foods, sweets, and soda.

Eat in MODERATION... you can still eat junk food, but a lot will make you fat and make you lose energy and respect for yourself.

Another reason could be your metabolism – it’s a fact people who skip breakfast are 90% more likely to be fat! EAT YOUR FU*KING OATMEAL KIDS!!!!! Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day - infact eating 6 times a day will make you lose fat and gain muscle so much all your ex-girlfriends will be cryin’ for you to take their sorry asses back.

Think like this:

Wake up
8 a.m.: breakfast, wheat toast + peanut butter, and oatmeal with protein drink
10 a.m.: snack; yogurt/apple/water/peanuts with protein drink
12 p.m.: lunch; tuna sandwich, small bag of potato chips, water and granola bar with protein drink
2:00 p.m. snack: protein drink
5:00 p.m.: super: steak/chicken/fish/with protein drink
8:00 p.m.: slice of wheat toast and peanut butter with protein drink

Eating like that will make your metabolism into a beast within a month!

Also make sure you have 8 hours of sleep a day - it will burn more fat and give you more energy - oversleeping will not give you energy.

And guess what - pick ONE day of the week - where you eat whatever the FU*K you want! Eat a whole pizza! Eat Arby’s!!! Eat WHATEVER and HOW much you want - call it your binge day - but MAKE sure you continue with the protein drinks, no soda – and remember to work out that day as well.

The fact is - if you confuse your body it will burn more fat than just eating healthy everyday - for instance:

- 2,000 calories 1 day
- 4,000 one day
- 1,500 next day
- 2,000 calories next day

Your body’s going to be blasting the pounds off…

And don’t forget workin’ out for an hour is like 600 calories, 6 pounds of muscle is 600 calories - 1,200 calories that means if you eat 2000 calories of food your really only having 800 affecting you - and also - you burn like 800 calories a day from THINKING, TALKING, WALKING, GOING UP STAIRS, EVEN TYPING AT UR COMPUTER AND READING!!! You burn calories ALL DAY LONG!!!!! As long as your not inside playing videogames ALL THE DAMN TIME you'll be fine.

So, say NO to XBOX 360 and say yes to a 6 pack and hoochies all over you!

BTW, did I mention muscle weighs 4 times more than fat?? So if you gain weight from working out - don’t cry - pat yourself on the back - cause son, your on your way!

Another final tip…got a scale? Good! THROW IT AWAY!!! Get measuring tape, measure inches of fat in your body your losing not pounds - because as I was saying muscle weighs much more than fat, so gaining weight can be a good thing too.

Best Of Luck,

Trey B.

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repped for sure!
great positive, imformative post
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Originally Posted by jaymackz
EFFIN' REPPED, when I spread some rep around.. did you make all this up by yourself or did you take it from a site, just wondering. Btw, Centrum is shit, try buying a decent Multi-Vitamin, such as Animal Pak, Optimen..just sayin'
Nope. This is all my own personal findings, experiments, techniques that have worked for me. Just thought I'd help some of our forum users out.

Also, the vitamins you listed are sub-par at best. Centrum has worked good for me for a long time. I also take a GNC multivitamin. Not to mention, I also take quite a few meal replacements and whatnot as well, so all my bases are covered.

Different things work for different people you know.

i'm a monster
i'm a maven
i know this world is changin'
never gave in
never gave up
i'm the only thing i'm afraid of
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What do you base your findings on for
8 hours - lose weight
10 - gain weight
Not raggin on you, just curious about this.

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Trey your a flippin genius !!! This is perfect!!
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VERY Informative. Good job.
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Originally Posted by Twiggsy
What do you base your findings on for
8 hours - lose weight
10 - gain weight
Not raggin on you, just curious about this.
At about 8 hours you are losing body fat and increasing cardio. At 10 you are teaing your muscles so much that you will have to gain weight to increace and repair the muscle. I think I got that right.

Good stuff, Trey.

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Sweet insite I'm starting to see clearly!
Thanx awsome post

Com back GSP
Danny the P@l from QC
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so how much water do u have to drink? eating anything for breakfeast cause I hate oatmeal
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