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MoopsiePuffs 02-07-2009 12:49 PM

lose weight or gain muscle?
hey guys just a quick question.

is it better to lose weight then bulk up or do weights when still overweight? i have lost a lot of weight which is great for my self confidence and such but i do feel weaker. when i have lost the amount of weight i plan to lose will i be able to regain the strength i had when bigger through gaining muscle on my slimmer body or will i never be as strong as when i was physically much bigger(fatter). thanks guys

Scarecrow 02-07-2009 12:57 PM

You can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Mix up your routine with both cardio and weight training and you should do fine.

recon6991 02-07-2009 07:57 PM

Just lift hard, watch your diet, and do some extra cardio and youll be fine.

McCarthy 03-06-2009 06:12 AM

Lose Weight
If you want to maintain your body and fitness forever,you should follow the below tips.

The food that you eat will contain a certain number of calories. You will need a certain amount of calories to maintain your bodyweight as it stands at the present time. This is called your maintenance level.

If the amount of calories that you consume goes over your maintenance level, then you will put on more weight. If the amount of calories that you consume goes under your maintenance level, then you will lose weight.

The first thing that you have to know is that not all calories are created equal. A gram of protein and a gram of carbohydrates each contain 4 calories. A gram of fat on the other hand contains 9 calories. When you check on food labels as to the amount of fat that is contained, always remember the amount of calories which are coming from fat.

Another thing to keep in mind is that certain types of calories are more prone to be stored as fat than others. Especially calories that are consumed from foods that contain high levels of sugar. So it's not just a question of how many calories you eat, but what types of calories you eat.While it's true that cutting back on calories will help you lose a certain amount of weight. What you need to consider is the quality of weight that you are losing and not just the quantity.

Follow the LInk :theweightlossmiracle dot com

themmadoctor 03-06-2009 11:34 AM

It's extremely hard to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. It can be done, but you have to be extremely meticulous.

Keep your carbs at around 100-200 grams per day, depending on your carb tolerance. Replace the calories from the carbs with protein.

As you increase muscle mass, your metabolism will increase. Thus, it will be easier to not only lose weight, but also keep the weight off.

If you are on an extreme calorie reduction diet, sip BCAA's throughout the day to preserve your muscle mass. There's nothing worse than going from fat to skinny fat. Use the mirror, not the scale to gauge your progress.

Keep it simple. To lose weight, calories burned must exceed calories consumed. Too many people get caught up in the details, and forget that.

Starvation doesn't work. If you drop your calories too quickly, your body will respond by slowing down its metabolism.

Those are just some random tips.

wukkadb 03-06-2009 02:01 PM

If you're overweight and somewhat new to lifting, you can lose weight and gain muscle/keep your strength. If you're already a pretty advanced athlete, it's very difficult to do both at the same time.

cdnbaron 03-07-2009 01:15 AM

What I've always been told by friends of mine who are personal trainers is that it's best to put on a bit of extra muscle first, and then cut down your body fat to where you want to be. Through weight-loss, you'll always lose some lean mass, no matter how great your diet or program. When putting on muscle, it's also very hard to put on only muscle without any fat. Therefore it's better to bulk up a little bit extra in the beginning, and then not be so worried about losing that extra muscle when you're decreasing your body fat.

It's pretty simple actually:

-Gaining weight means you consume more calories than you burn. Not all of those calories can be stored as muscle, no matter what you do.
-Losing weight means you burn more calories than you consume, causing the body to deplete it's extra stores. Not all of the stores depleted will be fat, some will be protein.

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