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fenotype 02-08-2009 06:40 PM

Fighter Returns-Needs Your Help Please
Hey guys,

Im hoping somebody can point me in the right direction.I trained MMA for 2 years and at my peak was extremely fit,could fight for perlonged periods without any problems and had excellent cardio.

However I broke my leg and ankle and after 2 years sidelined I returned to the gym to roll for the first time on Saturday gone.Heres how it went.

I barely made it through a 3 min round.My legs were shaky afterwards,my breathing very laboured and after the 2nd 3 min roll I puked in the toilets.It was demoralising to say the least.I felt dizzy and got my ass handed to me.
Ive no problem putting in the graft.Never have had and never will have a problem with it.

What Im hoping is there might be someone who has been down my road before through serious injury and can offer me some advice about the best way to get match fit again.Im 25 so its not too late to get back into shape but Ill be honest here,Im scared I may never regain the levels I was at as my body just felt so weak on Saturday!!!

Desperate call to my fellow fighters.Thanks for any advice in advance.

recon6991 02-09-2009 05:15 PM

I'm not a fighter, but I have gone through some rough injuries. Last wrestling season I ruptured a disc in a my back, took a long time to heal. You just need to start from square 1. Get back to your basics, figure out what it was that made you successful, and do it over. Bust your ass, made every workout one that you puke in, and youll be back in no time. Best of luck

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