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Originally Posted by aznmaniac0909
i suggest partner stretching and push yourself as far as you can go for exmaple go into the splits as far as you can and usually youll have your hands on the ground for surpport now get your partner to lift and hold onto your hands causing you to slowly slip down trust it works

he's right partner stretching works great cause theres someone there to push you. a great stretch to do is get your partner to knell on his left knee. now place your left leg on his right shoulder. pull back your toes and keep your back strait. have him stand up until your leg is streched as far as it can go. then hold it there till you can't take it any more. its important that when your partner lets your leg down he comes down slowly otherwise you could get hurt. this hurts like hell at first but after a while your leg will get alot more flexable. at first i was like you now i can kick above my head.

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definitely stretching with a partner. they can push you further. any active stretches help as well, such as lunges.

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Originally Posted by kds13
definitely stretching with a partner. they can push you further. any active stretches help as well, such as lunges.
partner stretching is very helpful. i like hurdler's stretches and forward bend (just like reaching for yr toes except standing). If you have time, yoga will help flexibility, but 1-1 1/2 hours is an awful lot of time spent stretching. bill wallace once said that stretching doesn't have to take more than 15 minutes. (he said it recently, not 30 years ago).

i have to do a lot of butterfly stretches because my hip flexors and iliotibial bands are tight, the latter being a common trait of runners.

my goal is a full split i'm almost there I think
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take it from linkster and watson, yoga is the solution to your problem. especially try "power yoga", it is great for flexibility and its actually a fairly intense workout as well.

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Sit down tuck one leg in and etand the other leg and bend down and try to touch youre head to youre knee. Also you can try to put youre leg over youre head.
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Originally Posted by MickTamariki
I am doing kickboxing but I can't kick my legs high enough or keep them straight when I am doing it. Anyone know any good ways to make my legs more flexable?
Yoga is by far the best way to develop flexibility. Almost all non-yoga stretches that I see are basically yoga stretches made incredibly easy, done wrong and with most of the benefits taken out. Go and take some Ayengar Yoga classes (sometimes that's spenned Iyengar).

Got to go now- I will get back to you with more.
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Okay... I'm back. If you're talking only about stretching-the- hamstring/touching-your-toes type motion, then here are some good starting points.

1. Dorsiflex your feet. Sit on the floor with your legs out straight in front of you and bend forward. Note that your toes immediately drop and the arches of your feet pull in towards you. This is what you must resist- as this motion lessens the stretch of the hamstring. When taking the forward bending motion, keep your toes up and your feet flat, as if you were standing. This position is called 'dorsiflexing'. It's actually much harder than it sounds.

2. Work your hamstrings not your back. 99% of the time when you see someone doing forward bends, their back is curved, again relieving the stretch and stopping them from getting truly flexible. To avoid this, start the forward bending motion by straightening the spine as much as possible and then dropping forward as far as you can go. At this point your spine will have bent again. So now look up as far as you can and then straighten your spine. Then drop again, with the effort on keeping the spine long. Only in this way can you achieve full flexibility- meaning that you can go all the way down so that your stomach is on your thighs, your chest is on your knees and your chin is on your shins.

3. Push the backs of your knees down. If you are properly flexible, the backs of your knees can touch the floor when you make this motion. When you first try this there will probably be quite a few inches of clearance. Try as hard as you can to straighten your legs and push those knees down. This gets you extra stretch in the hamstring.

If you do all three of these things then the stretch becomes immeasurably harder, but far more beneficial. Don't be distressed if, when you try them, the effect is that suddenly you are hardly bending down at all. This is a case where you have to go backwards to go forwards- you have to learn to isolate the hamstrings and maximize the stretch. All the old bad habits were preventing you from doing that. Rest assured that very few athletes actually do this correctly- if you can get good habits now you will be way ahead.

There are quite a few other exercises in addition to the seated forward bend that are very helpful, but I've barely gone into how to do that one correctly, so that will have to do for now.
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Damn it, re-reading your post you need to improve your flexibility in quite a few directions. As well as the above, you should practise this:

The guy in the picture is doing it really nicely. They key here is don't try to make your legs as wide as possible right away, make them a comfortable distance, like the guy in the photo. Put your hands between your feet and tuck your elbows in, and come down without bending your spine- just like with the seated forward bend.

Now here's the patented yoga magic... feel that excruiciating pain? Feel the arches of your feet lifting up? Feel your knees buckling? Feel your legs generally wanting to give up? Press your feet really flat against the floor, lock your knees and tense those thigh muscles. The pain from the stretch magically disappears and the tendons relax a little. Now you can go a little further. The pain comes back, and so you have to push and straighten and flatten your legs again.

The same principles hold doing this:

Google Image Result for

Those are (1) Don't bend your back, (2) Dorsiflex your feet, (3) When the pain becomes too much, push your legs down into the floor and straighten them as much as possible, and the pain goes away.

If you practise this you will get better at the traditional box splits. I only do yoga for about 20-30 minutes a time, five times a week and I am not too far from the box splits and can do the front splits if I warm up properly, despite the fact that I almost never specifically practice those exercises. I can almost do them because my fundamenetals (or foooondamentals, for Mucha Lucha fans) are good.
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