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The Crusher 05-12-2009 11:25 PM

Getting back at it!
After recovering from my calf injury, this is a rough layout of my new workout regimine. As I reach my target weight and goals I will adjust caloric intake as needed. Opinions and critique/advice welcome.

Depending on what kind of training I am doing and what time of day I will be doing that training, here is an example of my training schedule. Although I do not list it, I consume approx. 2 gal of water a day.

2 BSN ATROPHEX (30 min before meal)

1- 8 oz glass no sugar Cranberry juice or cran pomegranate

1- 32-40oz water

Protassium Plaster breakfast (potassium+protien+starch) for recovery and getting the day started. Recipe: 1/2 cup whole grain oatmeal, 1 tablespoon all natural peanut butter, 1 whole bannana, optional berries ie. raspberry, strawberry, blueberry. Cook oatmeal and mix ingredients together.

*on weight training days: 2 eggs (or beaters) scrambled in addition to previous or egg mcmuffin- no cheese

1 GNC vitamin pack

Morning workout:

5-10 min stretching or 30-45 min yoga depending on day
2 sets 25 rep pushups
2 sets 25 rep crunches on slantboard
5 min stretching
5 min run 1 min walk for 5 sets ( this equals 5x 5 min rnd)
Heavy bag: standing
2min jab+cross combo
2min left right big knees
1min rest
2min elbows
2min Thai kicks
1min rest
2min jab+cross+Thai kick combo
cool down
10min stretching

Apple or energy bar or like snack

*At this point, on weight training days, I will skip snack and supplement BSN NO XPLODEor VPX NO SHOTGUN, depending on cycle, about 30min before lifting and I start my workout with 30-45 min cycling to get heart rate up.

Post weight training:
1 bottle of ISOPURE protien drink

2 BSN ATROPHEX (30min before meal)

6-8oz Grilled chicken breast (boneless skinless) seasoned and no salt used in seasoning or 6oz grilled blackened salmon.

1/2 cup couscous

large portion of green veggies- brocolli or green beans

2 bannanas
1 small can albacore tuna straight from can
1 pc white toast w/ all nat peanut butter

*If I have nothing pressing to do or if I am not training that evening I will usually go mt biking for a few hours both on rode and trails depending on mood.

6oz portion of chicken, fish, or steak
Large portion green veggies
Medium portion other veggies like carrots, corn, peppers, etc.

*Supplement on non weight training days before MMA training

MMA Training:
30 min stretching/warm up
60 min BJJ instruction and practice/roll time
5 min stretching
5 min jump rope
15 heavy bag ground exercise
60 min Muay Thai instruction/practice (focus mitts, kick pads, etc)
5 min break
60 min Combative arts instruction/practice (knife fighting, kali Eskrima, etc.)
5 min cool down and summerization of the training that day usually consists of cultural arts/values

Post Training:
BSN SYNTHA 6 protien mixed in sugar free low fat choc. milk

Late Snack Opt.:
Chamomille or green tea w/ honey (lemon slice opt)

Weight training days:
Mon.- chest & tri's Tue.- accessories opt
Wed.- legs & back Thu.- accessories opt
Fri.- shoulders & bi's Sat.- sparring day
Sun.- REST!!!

*8+ hrs of sleep each night

wukkadb 05-12-2009 11:44 PM

Looks good to me, what are you doing for weight training? Splitting it into body parts scares me... hopefully it's not a BB-type routine.

TheNegation 05-13-2009 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by wukkadb (Post 885666)
Looks good to me, what are you doing for weight training? Splitting it into body parts scares me... hopefully it's not a BB-type routine.

Of course it is, look at the diet, supplements and the fact he splits it by BP.

The Crusher 05-13-2009 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by TheNegation (Post 885747)
Of course it is, look at the diet, supplements and the fact he splits it by BP.

Yes its a lot but its based around a 72hr recovery period for weight training. I do isolate certain areas when lifting and switch the routine for each area every week to prevent or limit plateau effect. I only lift for about 1hr a workout though. Of course there are varianes to the plan but that is a brief overview. Also I focus on quick response muscles too by doing activities like pin presses etc.

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