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chairmanMEOW 06-10-2009 10:42 PM

creating a new training program. help? =D
so i'm 21, fluctuating between 163-169 lbs and about 5'8.

i have a background in boxing and basic jujitsu and i'm looking to eventually get into bjj or muay thai. if i do well there, i'd like to progress to mma eventually.

my primary goal is to lose as much fat as possible, whether it be via caloric deficit, or gaining muscle. but because i'm looking to still compete in boxing, i want to drop to the 155 weight class at the same time. people are too tall in the 167 and i'm no floyd mayweather :(

so here's what i got so far in terms of how i want to achieve my goals. please let me know what i should do. i want to work hard! i just lack direction :[


every morning, i do HIIT, 5 reps of sprinting 45 seconds and running at 50% for 1 minute.

night time work outs are as follows. i lift every other day and switch between the two work outs.

i average about 45 seconds to 1 minute for rest in between sets.

workout 1:

1A: 3 sets Turkish get ups, 8 reps
1B: 3 sets Dumbbell bench press, 8 reps
2A: 3 sets squat, 8 reps
2B: 3 sets lat pull down, 8 reps
3A: 3 sets captains chair, 25 reps
3B: 3 sets dips, 15 reps

heavy bag work for 20 minutes

workout 2:

1A: 3x Bulgarian Split squat, 10 reps
1B: 3x Decline Dumbbell bench press, 10 reps
2A: 3x Cable Rows, 12 reps
2B: 3x shoulder press, 10 reps
3A: 3x deadlift, 10 reps


seems like its not enough. :( if im doing things completely wrong let me know. haha better now than 3 months into it. :D

in terms of DIET

i dont know if you guys have heard about the TNT diet, but it was pretty successful for me. i went from 179 to 160. however, i found that the weight came back extremely quickly, making me think that i didnt create enough muscle to keep the metabolism up.

the TNT involved eliminating carbs, milk, fruit, saturated fat, etc. i basically lived off of protein, unsaturated fats, and vegetables. i also took protein but it had like 1 g of carbs per serving, to make sure i kept my carb intake at the very minimum.

a friend of mine told me that i'm doing HIIT everyday, i need more carbs in my diet to provide energy when i work out.

so basically my new diet has incorporated carbs. no chips or anything. but i eat a lot of fruit now, and eat about every 2 hours i'm awake.

in terms of the carbs i eat, i have eaten the occasional pancake, tortilla, pasta, but i stay away from anything fried.

i still take the same protein brand, about 23 g protein per serving and 1 g carbs. i make two servings and drink half 15 minutes before lifting and drink the rest immediately after. i then drink another shake 45 minutes to an hour after the work out.


*pant pant pant*

if you've gotten this far reading, i really appreciate it and i would love your input/advice/criticism

and if you flame me for having such a humongous post, i dont blame you x_x. i'm sorry :D

sorry for the uber long post, but i figure it'd be best to let everyone know the details to hopefully give the best advice. the more detailed, the more disciplined, the better! haha if i have no boundaries i tend to push the limits in diet and underachieve in training. -_- my last coach had to be uber strict with me.

chairmanMEOW 06-19-2009 05:29 PM

bump. i need help still :[

TheNegation 06-19-2009 05:41 PM

I think it looks pretty good. Are tortillas and pancakes the best carbs you can think of though? Are you eating wholegrain pasta?

Savage8778 06-25-2009 12:20 AM

If you really want to lean up watch out the high amounts of fruit. Fruit contains sugar (fructose), and is a slow-digesting carb. This is good to eat (in my opinion) twice a day, when you are just waking up as well as an hour before you work out (1 cup of pine apple, apple, banana, etc) as it will provide the slow-releasing energy you need to sustain optimum performance. Other than that stay away from white-flour other than as a post-workout snack (angel food cake, white bread with a tbsp of jelly). Everything else should be whole wheat, pasta included. Aim for a big breakfast as well to help your metabolism start up. Check out the "Get Lean" meal plan from a month or two ago in Muscle and Fitness Best of luck to you.

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