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fr0stm0rn 06-12-2009 02:25 PM

raise metabolism
sup all im new here obviously hehe. i joined mma about a month ago and i love it. yesterday i sprinted, did some lifiting, then headed over to do some training with our trainer.

so the only the things im working on is dropping weight and raising my metabolism. just wanna know if what im doing is good so far, i started today

10AM - eat 5 baby carrots, 2 broccoli
11:30AM - WHEY protien w/water
12AM - 15 almonds
2PM - half an Apple
3:30PM - WHEY protien w/water
4PM - half a peach
6PM - peach yogurt
7:30PM - WHEY protien w/water
8PM - chicken soup (home made)
9PM probably head ot the gym and afterwards call it a day.

so am i doing this right or should i modify it a bit. of course ima try to switch it every day cuz my food resource is limited hehe... also ive dropped 11 pounds sincei joined mma a month ago.. i havent really dropped anything but i do admit i had a bad eating habbit. like id munch right after training but im stopping that. so if i stick to running 4 times a week, sprinting 4 times a week, lifting 3 times a week, plus mma class 2 times a week will that get me n proper shape of course with the a proper diet? how long will i start to see results, i feel stronger and i feel really good, just havent noticeda nything.

The Crusher 06-12-2009 03:15 PM

Portions and frequency seem ok. However I would change a few things. If you eat good starches/carbs (whole grain oatmeal)for breakfast or high protein breakfast (egg mcmuffin or 2 eggs scrambled) it will keep you more full feeling longer and those good carbs will release throughout the days excercises giving you a better base. The other thing is watch out for soups. Soups tend to have higher sodium and cause you to retain water. Some is good but too much can be bad. I would also slip in some grilled chicken breast maybe for lunch or dinner. Don't cut out all the real stuff. And maybe a small 1 svng can of albacore plain with one of your snacks. Especially if you are strength training. With these added it will help you gain strength and muscle as they are an amazing protein source. And make those apples and peaches or veggie servings whole servings as your body needs a balance of fiber to process the protein. Add in some bannana, kiwi, or mango for potassium to keep from cramping.

A good rule of thumb if you are counting calories to lose weight is: Burn more than your caloric intake. With that said keep in mind the average human body expends approx. 2000 calories on its own each day in addition to your workouts. Michael Phelps is a prime example of burning an insane amount of calories. Look up his daily intake.

If weighing your food:
1g protein = 4 calories
1g carbohydrate = 4 calories
1g fat = 9 calories
*Keep in mind that there are good and bad fats and carbs the big diffeence is how they are stored and how they fuel your body.

I would say to also drink approximately 2 gal of water a day.
Here is a link to my daily intake after a bulking regamine now cutting from 215 down to 185 range:

Some other good examples of daily nutrition for sports can be found @:

Hope this helps some...

fr0stm0rn 06-12-2009 03:40 PM

thanks for the tips, yah im probably gonna add chicken breast to it later today. probably eat a bannana later on the day. yah im drinking close to 2 liters of water day, sometimes 3.

how about if im limited to food resource, right now i dont have much food at my house. i have plenty of fruit though, & pork. i also heard peanut butter is good?

The Crusher 06-12-2009 03:57 PM

I usually buy a bunch of 4pack white albacore cans (the small pop top cans) and keep 1 or 2 in my gym bag etc. just drain and eat out of can. Yes all natural peanut butter is excellent. Read how I make my oatmeal in that thread it is very filling and lasts a good while plus provides protein, potassium, and starches (good carbs). Actually tastes good too, a little heavy wait an hour before intense workout if you can.
It's hard to change your lifestyle but once you fall into routines and see how your body reacts to this it will become easier. One of my coaches sells a program through the pro shop that utalizes 5 or 6 heat or mix meals that are balanced to exactly what you need plus 1 lean and green that you make (oh ya brocolli and spinach are great for you). After a month you take off 1 ready made and add a home cooked and so on. This program was developed and tested by NASA and has proven to be effective. What it does is teach you ow to adapt your lifestyle, the food is just a tool to help you. I thought it would be expensive but the breakdown for the first month is approx $8/day which is 6meals cheaper than one trip to a fast food place... made me think. I may switch to it if I am cutting to a fight weight but for now I am good on my way to 200lbs and wanna be at 185lb fight weight.
Also I don't know your fitness assessment so these are all just general good practices.

Check out though they rank your best proteins etc by value and all kinds of stuff its great.

fr0stm0rn 06-12-2009 04:07 PM

well this is my work outs

i go to the gym usually do 30 min cardio, then do 30 min of heavy cardio.

i sprint a hill about 50 yards 5 - 7 times with ankle weights the first 2 times. then run about 3 miles.
lift weights all major muscle groups
mma training for 2 hours (cardio routines, striking routines, take down routines, if we have time we do grappling)

gym same as monday

same as tuesday only in mma we do more grappling then take downs

same as monday and weight lifting all major muscles

same as friday


should i modifiy it? so i read your article so ima take some of the things you do as far as food goes, so i wont feel so hungry and have energy throughout the day.

The Crusher 06-12-2009 04:26 PM

I am 6' normally 205lbs not ripped but similar physiqe to Fedor, right now I am 215 because I bulked up to 220lb. Keeping energy up is what mine is really based around. Getting more out of what I eat. Some other things I add in when cooking are black beans, wild/brown rice mix, I will on occassions eat whole grain pasta usually on tuesday to get ready for leg day at the gym or late wed early thur, basically I wanna carb load for leg day. I do strength training which consists of 30 min bike, Squats up to 400lbs, leg presses up to 1200lbs, then my favorite lunges (sarcasm), then inward and outward leg butterflies and this is how you make "legs jello"...

It sounds like you have a plan in the works and you will get it as long as you keep going. Just make sure you have enough energy and get 8-10 hrs sleep. Getting energy for recovery is a major reason for alot of my supplementing. Do some research on different quality of brands of whey protein too on good reviews of products very detailed.

Make sure of what you want to train for when weight lifting for MMA I say get alot of cardio HIIT, Strength and endurance strength, and Explosiveness (fast twitch muscles) there is a thread on here about it.

fr0stm0rn 06-12-2009 04:33 PM

yah im reading around the site, thanks man appriciate it. im sure ill get more knowledge, at least i got something going for the first month i started. thanks again.

Whitehorizon 06-12-2009 05:07 PM is good as well. they have a whole nutrition section.

You want to make sure you eat after you workout though. You showed you work out at 9pm. Thats fine but you still have to eat after you work out. Obviously you will be eating healthy so it wont matter its so late. After a workout a lot of those nutrients will be used very quickly. Just make sure its within 30 minutes of finishing lifting for best results.

It sounds stupid eating right before bed, but if your on a diet its not. If your diet calls for 2000 calories and at 9pm you have 1750, its important to keep it consistent but not exact. If you eat the same calories every day you will plateau give or take 150 a day to keep your metabolism from hitting a plateau.

Couchwarrior 06-16-2009 02:05 PM

I agree with Whitehorizon. Although I'm no expert at dieting (as I naturally have really fast metabolism), going to bed after the evening workout without eating doesn't sound right to me. I wouldn't have any fast carbs such as fruits that late, but maybe a chicken salad or at least a protein shake. Your muscles need to recover while you're sleeping.

TheNegation 06-16-2009 02:52 PM

You need to eat more food, unless you are going for the ethiopian look and on a muscle loss diet.

You go four hours between two protein shakes having nothing but a half a peach and a yoghurt?

What do you weigh? I don't see how you could get by on that amount of food if you were sedentary, nevermind if you are trying to train.

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