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crabsintheeast 06-17-2009 07:36 AM

NEWBIE! Keen as Mustard and wanting advice please!!

Im 23 years old from the UK. 6ft 4inches tall and weigh around 13 stone. Slim build...

I am an ex army tank gunner who left the army and made the huge mistake of getting trapped in the world of smoking cannabis...

Ive had three years of hell, with the cannabis making my mental and physical life a real drag..I have recently faced my demons and have stopped smoking and I feel a lot better mentally...Physically though...i need some help...

I love MMA....K1, UFC, Pride, Cage Rage, StrikeForce and I can t wait for the up an coming UK based Fighting Championship called BAMMA... British Association of Mixed Martial Arts... My favourite fighter has to be Jerome Le Banner...K1 GOD! Some of the Youtube videos of his fights are brutal...a hard chin is an understatment...!:praise01:

I have decided to get myself fit and healthy and I want to train MMA at my local MMA gym called revolution...the specialise in MMA, Kickboxing and Escrima...with the head coach a semi pro MMA fighter of twelve years...

Going to the classes is all well and good but I would like some advice on beginners conditioning and strength routines... Especially nutrition too... The past few years has given me the habit of eating crap and still losing weight due to smoking the weed...Im so glad im off it now...

I was hoping that somebody could help me out with some nutritional tips and maybe a beginners workout plan which i can stick to and then add to as my experience grows...

Any help would be appreciated as im a little flumaxed with all the advice that floats around the web... This forum seemed to me like th ebest place to lay my hat and start my new life....I want to make it as far as i can go..I owe it to my son...let alone myself....:)

Im new to this forum so any help would be great! All the best people and thanks in advance...!

crabsintheeast.... :thumb02:

Darkwraith 06-17-2009 11:29 AM

Hey welcome to the forum. They have a good sections on training in here where you may pick ups some good info. I am sure someone will be along shortly and point you in the right direction.

Welcome again! :thumb02:

crabsintheeast 06-17-2009 11:47 AM


I am hoping to harvest as much info as i possibly can, by checking out other posts and threads, there seems to be loads of peeps with knowledge here...

Im ready to go!!


Deco 06-17-2009 03:38 PM

Sorry for my lack of knowledge but how much is 13 stones? Also what are you're overall goals?

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