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Strieth 07-31-2009 10:03 AM

Hi there.
Hi there. I have come seeking advice for my future. I am fourteen, almost fifteen, years of age and I am highly interested in cage fighting. I have grown up taking casual boxing classes twice a week for two years but I have yet lost interest in the boxing career I originally wished to pursue.

I have always had a strong base body structure and I am high-wasted, meaning that I can stand my ground. I have solid shoulders and I used to be slightly overweight which is why I started boxing in the first place, to lose weight. I have cut down from 155 pounds to 125, which is a big change. Apart from my lack of daily intake due to temporary health issues, I feel as strong as ever.

I always felt that boxing did not bring out the best of me as I have always felt that takedowns where one of my strong points. Where do I go from here? Where should I start? Now, take note that I live in New Zealand and the variaty of gyms are very little here. Not to mention that high school wrestling does not exist here. I'm desperate to learn and compete.

The Iron Lung 08-05-2009 09:27 AM

Well from what you're saying it seems you like grappling/ catch wrestling/ BJJ and such. i recommend you go to any of the gyms there and see if grappling, catch wrestling, BJJ, judo, or sambo is a one of the more popular styles there. I would also recommend that you pick a gym that has at least some muay thai / kick boxing. since cage fighting does use alot of strikes.

I myself am very similar to you. i used to be obese (over 30% body fat) and slightly overweight (i had no muscle basically just fat, so i didnt look too huge). and i dropped from 168 to 125 while getting 3 inches taller. all thanks to extreme high school wrestling team practices we had every day. i now jumped up in weight because ive been working out and so on. i myselfam considering BJJ, grappling, and muay thai. they are all pretty effective

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