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Beenofalus FTW
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Gaining Muscle/Weight

Ok I'm sure there's a million answers in here I have read, but just in case, I'd give this a shot. If there's somebody in my shoes, that would be best!

I am 6'1", 175lbs. I used to fluctuate between 162-168 for two years straight. The only reason I weigh more now is I have a desk job instead of a job where I ran all over crazy (restaurant.)

I had a personal trainer three years ago, he helped a lot I got up to 160 or so from 150, but I had to move and never got back into it. The weight gain I have had since this new job has apparantely leveled off, and I have not gained a pound in like 3 months.

I want to weigh close to two hundred. I have very toned muscles, good size in my shoulders, arms, back. But I want to be much bigger and fill out more. My chest, and legs aren't very big and I think that's what's holding my whole build back. I had abs, those are a bit gone now but I know how to get those back in a snap.

I know the first thing is not a lot of cardio, if any, because I Can't afford to burn any calories. My metabolism is stupid high, I eat crap all day, every day, for years. BK, McDonalds, fatty acids, all of that stuff. Doesn't do anything to me. I hardly drink milk and I drink a ton of pop, smoker, etc.

So what suggestions do you guys have to put on maybe 20 lbs in a few months? Aside from cutting out pop or smoking all of that kind of stuff, workout wise and eating, supplements? I am going to get a gym membership, I have a heavy bag and speed bag at home, but that's it. Get back in the gym, and get some protein but creatine has come a bad way since I last knew anything about how to build muscle. What's the best way you guys have for someone of my build, type? Especially to bulk up and round out my chest. I seem to be able to build up everything pretty well but that.
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am in the same shoes as u am 6,2 and weigh 175pounds but i want to get to 190 or higher but i just cant seem to get off 175 i hav being going to gym almost a year now but i seem to be more toned cant bulk up atal.if i were u try and eat 4-5 small meals a day such as protein ie chiken,eggs,fish,and drink loads and loads of water very important and once u start going to gym go about 3 times per week, for the first few months lay off cardio cause u want to put weight on . u also hav advantage on me as i am veggie and its murder to put weight being a rabbit eater.
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first off, don't cut out cardio or you'll get to 200 and you'll be incredibly out of shape, you need cardio but you need to adjust your calorie intake according to how much cardio you do. Also, is anybody in your family big (not fat, but "built")? Genetics has a big part in how your body will work and how much weight you will or will not gain. That being said, here's how you can add calories:

- Buy those drinks for people dieting that replace their meals and drink those between meals. Ones I had were about 8 ounces and had around 350 calories in them. The one problem is they are expensive (it was over $7.50 for a 6 pack).

- Otherwise just eat as much as you can. If you still can't gain weight that way, try buying the supplements that are intended to add mass (they're called "mass gainer" or something like that) and try those. Training with weights and adding muscle mass will increase your weight too, so get into the gym ASAP.

I hope this helps (or at least points you in the correct direction).
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Beenofalus FTW
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Thanks for the tips.

I agree about the out of shape part. I should do some mild running or something because my track days of endurance are way past gone. Family wise, most of the guys in my family are shorter than I am, and thin. My dad is 5'11", same weight as me, never works out but retains a good build. All of his brothers are like that. On my mom's side, I don't know. The only person I had to judge from was my uncle but he had multiple sclerosis.

I think I'll go with a ton of eating if I can handle it. I had some weight gainer from GNC once and the first drink I had made me sick. I could literally watch it twirling around inside my stomach before it happened. Ew.
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There are other options to get a ton of calories. I know there are certain types of bars (similar to a nutrigrain bar) that are incredibly high in calories (I forget the name but they are in the movie Mean Girls) and you could eat one or two of those a day.
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As a former dietician inthe navy, as well as someone how is 6'2 but I am on the oppisite end of you guys I am around 250 but fairly solid. as stated you need cardio.. and a complete diet over haul.. your not gaining mass because in part your diet.. cut out McDonald and junk food. replace it with proper nitruinets that your body needs in order to build muscle.. and you need a good weight training promgram.. with out detailing a whole bunch of exercises here. as they are all over this thread.. I recomend the book... Body For Life by Bill Philips... great exercise regimine in there when I did it myself, in 6 weeks I lost 47 pounds of fat and gaind 26 pounds of muscle. Aslo the diet program in the book I used as well. if the foods seem a bit bland to you.. let me know.. being a chef I can tell you lots of ways to flavor them with out adding bad stuff to it.. Over all though you need to cut out the junk and add lots of healty stuff can't build a house with out lumber and thats in essence what your trying to do.

As for the person who stated the meal supplement bars are expensive.. think again.. about $7.50 for 6 bars... that breaks down to $1.25 A MEAL... make sure you do not get the "diet" bars you want to get meal replacement bars.. Like the Myoplex brand or similar. thats 6 meals worth for 7.50 6 meals for about the price a an Extra Value meal at most fast food restraunts.. it is actually a good deal great for when your at work. Just remember you might not feel full after one but avoid eating 2 at a time. plus you want to be uping your meal intke to about 6 meals a day these bars make it easy to do that ( you can use the shakes as well)since you may not always be somewhere where you can cook.

As for the weight lifting.. if you are not sore the next day after a work out.. and I don't meantired.. I mean sore where it hurts to move your arms or to walk and if someone just touches you your in pain... YOur not gaining any muscle.. Muscle cells unlike most of the other cells of the body do not use cell division to grow. you are born with the same amount of muscle cells that you will have when you die.. the difference is the size of the cells.. in order to increase the size of your muscles you need to damage them. When they got damaged the body will repair them takes an average of 2-3 days to do this (when the soreness is gone the muscle is ready to go) during that time the body makes the cell a little bigger and a little harder to damage the next time. there for the cells get a little stronger that is why your muscle will get bigger and you will need to lift a bit heavier weight to get the same effect. Its a constant cycle.. remember to change up your rutine about every 3-4 weeks using different exercises to work the same muscle groups or your progress will slow down..
An example of my program was this:
Day 1 Upper body, Abs
Day 2 Cardio Abs
Day 3 Lower body
day 4 Cardio abs
day 5 Upper body, Abs
day 6 Cardio, abs
day 7 OFF (Free day no exercise can eat what I want)
day 8 Lower Body
day 9 Cardio, abs
day 10 Upper Body, abs
day 11 Cardio, Abs
day 12 Lower Body
day 13 Cardio, abs
day 14 OFF (free day no exercise eat what I want)

I did two weeks only cause after that the cycle repeats.. and you may notice alot of abs.. the reason is the Abs are one of the hardest muscles to give a full work out too and heal fast then nearly any other muscle group in the body. with your calves being probably the hardest muscle to work out to get truly sore, the reason is that your abs are in CONSTANT use same as your calves when walking sitting and just staning your calves and abs are almost always doing somethingNow if your abs are sore you can skip an ab workout until they are not sore again. also if your eating right and working out right by the end of the 1st 2 weeks you should actually feel and look a little different you should be seeing results ANd this program is almost straight out of the body for life program I mentioned earlier I made some slight modificatons for myself.. I upped the amount of cardio and added more ab workouts but that is about it.

I hope this helps I know its a bit long but I know this works if you want more information on the foods let me know I can help with that as well..

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My BJJ and MMA Blog

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Beenofalus FTW
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Thanks for the info. I think growing up in a family restaurant made me immune to crappy food. I hardly ever get sick, I can't tell you the last time I had to throw up, or even had a cold. Replacing all that stuff makes sense. When I'm at the restaurant, would it be better to eat pasta, or grilled chicken?

Cutting out the other food makes some sense, but I am rarely home to cook, that's why I eat so much fast food. IS stuff from Arby's or just subs at different sandwich places good enough? I can get some great protein when I start working out again, but is strictly protein enough? There's something I heard on the radio from Complete Nutrition, that claims to add 15-20lbs of muscle, and increase bench up to 100lbs (that's what the commercial specifically states, whether or not it does that I am not sure.)

I am pretty good at lifts and weight knowledge. I know about proper form, targeting one group a day, stuff like that. The only thing I am unsure of is what I was doing wrong with my chest. THough my chest got stronger, it never got much bigger. I could see results in my shoulders, arms, back, lats, etc.. but not in my chest. When I go back to the gym, I will continue the same regimen but I just wanted to know what's the best way to bulk and round out your chest, because I couldn't seem to do that.

The meal replacement thing does put it into perspective. Maybe I'll start doing that because I really don't think I can down weight gainer shakes.
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Nice post The Don, but I disagree with you on the sore part. Not everybody gets sore after their workout (the next day) and that doesn't mean they aren't building muscles. My arms are never sore the next day and I've built a decent amount of muscle in them the past few months.

From The Don's post, I think he may be misinterpreting what I meant by the meal replacement (or maybe I'm misinterpreting what The Don is saying) because I'm not saying to take it when you're hungary, I'm saying take it between meals to add calories. You wouldn't drink/eat two at one time because most likely you wouldn't be hungary at the time (at least I wasn't).
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Beenofalus FTW
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Yeah and from him saying you won't feel full, that makes sense. I will try eating a normal breakfast, meal replacement like around 10 or so, then have a later lunch. Then see how the rest of the day goes for having another bar before dinner or not.
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This is why I like the liquid drinks, they don't really fill you up but the ones I had gave around 350 calories and it had a decent amount of protein in it too. To me, if you want to gain muscle/weight, you eat the bar/drink the drink even if you aren't hungary (that is if you've adjusted your diet and that still doesn't work so you've turned to the bars/drinks). I would drink the drinks in the morning before class then get back to my room in the afternoon and have another drink and a few hours later, dinner. It worked well.
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