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krytikal69 04-10-2010 05:18 PM

treating a sprained ankle
im understandaBLY gutted at having a sprained ankle after 6 weeks of intense mma training and gym workouts where i feel im really making progress, but i guess sh*t happens so i gotta deal with it :(

iv had sprains before and understand they vary immensly, an this one doesnt feel even close to how bad the last one was,it still doesnt feel great,an i think im gnna struggle to do any footwork or cardio for the next week or 2.
i kno that last time i rushed back in(albeit afta nearly 4 months out) so i really will resist the urge to test it to early, but im basically lookin for any advice on how to treat the injury for the quickest an fullest recovery possible.i followed the Rest ice compress elevate method for 2 days as i was advised, but im wondering if theres anything i can do to continue treatment, preferably on a budget as im nto exaclty rich lol.

Qwertty 04-17-2010 02:52 AM

sucks man :( hopefully itll heal up well. i dislocated my shoulder really bad in january just after i started making good progress with strength gains, weight loss, and boxing technique. Took 4-5 weeks off before it stopped hurting and making funny noises and its never been the same since. I cant quite figure it out, I guess it was just because i was on a 6 month roll of strict discipline and workouts and that messed it all up.

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