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Sonnya 05-15-2010 12:33 PM

A Few questions
Hello, Im new to the art of Muay Thai, 5 months. I am interested in learning about a few things.

What would be the best material(s) to fill a kick bag with? old clothes and sand?

I have seen improvement with my body and stamina, the school I train in "andersons martial arts NYC" has a great program. I was wondering what I could do to keep improvement steady, with diet or exersizes.. I train 5 days a week at about 2 hours a day.

within this time =] I was practicing for my muay thai test which consisted of 300 knees and 300 thai kicks. with a 30 second rest in between each 100... within this time i sprained my left foot, so as of now there isnt much I can do at all... Does anyone have suggestions ?

thank you
<muay thai salutation>


canadabacon 05-15-2010 12:38 PM

You have a muay thai test? for what?

Sonnya 05-15-2010 12:40 PM

Not completely sure, curriculum i would guess never got a chance to ask cause i sprained my foot lol

canadabacon 05-15-2010 12:51 PM

never heard of a test before, usually fighting is the test. Probably just a way to gauge your performance or level.

Anyway, i go 5 days a week for 2 hours, 1 hour on sat (light bag work and what not) and light lifting on sun. Eat clean 6 days a week, i cheat sat cuz i like beer and chicken wings and pizza.

You got to listen to what your body tells you, if you can handle some lifting or what not, go for it, if after the 5 days you are spent, you need to rest. 10 hours a week is decent decent training. Its close to double what the majority of people do. If you just plan on fighting in smokers you are good to go with your training. If you plan on going pro and train full time you will need to add in some cardio sessions and strength sessions.

Let the foot heal, if you can handle weight on it you could just box, but hold of on the leg work till your doc gives you the ok.

Sonnya 05-15-2010 01:04 PM

thanks bud, when you say eat clean? no crap right obviously

canadabacon 05-15-2010 04:32 PM

yah,dont get me wrong, i dont go hardcore on nutrition. Chicken, veggies, fish, red meat, fruit, flax or 9 grain bread/bagels, peanuts, salad, bran, cheese, dried meat/crackers/cheese, Milk, real juice (mostly stick with cranberry, orange juice and those cans of apple juice that are like a buck), water. Thats usually what my 6 day a week food intake is. On sats i eat whatever the hell i want (within reason of course, i dont eat "fast food" at all.

For supps i take fish oil, multi vit, Calcium/magnesium with vit D3, Whey and No-Explode (dont care what people say, it works great for me for the 5 days 2 sessions) and Kre-Alkalyn.

I dont plan on any pro future so i just eat healthy on the basic level.

It all depends what you want and what works for you. Need to go through some trial and error but it is all part of the process. Basically as long as you feel good and have energy and sleep right, you are doing good.

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