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Aj1122 11-01-2010 06:41 PM

HI need a lil help with my training
hi um i have been training MMA for almost a year now im 16 and i weight about 155, i would like to know what are the best supplements to help me get stronger and faster i try to go to the gym regularly but i just want to know what are the best steps i can take to get to the level i want to be in which is a welter weight.I heard that shotgun is very good,if u got any ideas im open for suggestions ,and plz dont criticizes or say something stupid. :fight02:

luger0 11-02-2010 12:18 PM

I would find your natural weight which you should find when you are closer to 18-20 years old.

I would also suggest that you spend your time focusing on working on technique in your mma classes, that is all that you should worry about right now.

North 11-03-2010 04:53 PM

If I was you, I really wouldn't waste my time or my/my parents' money on supplements at this point. Supplements aren't magic, they're just there to supplement your diet and training when you've reached a certain (high) level. And given your age and demeanor, I'd doubt that you're at a point that calls for supplements.

Not to mention that if your diet isn't virtually PERFECT, supplements are really a major waste of money. The only reason to take most supplements is if you're strength training so hard and so often that you can't get enough protein from foods in your diet.

If you're absolutely set on using supplements, I'd go slow. Start with a simple whey protein for recovery. I haven't tried N.O. Shotgun personally, but from what I can tell it's only for very serious athletes. From the cost alone you could infer that only someone with too much money or sponsorship could take Shotgun on a regular basis. $65 for 1.3lbs of NO Shotgun vs $45 for 5lbs of Whey Protein? Really?

If nothing else, it says right on the label that persons under 17 years of age shouldn't take NO Shotgun.


Killz 11-03-2010 05:43 PM

both these posts are really good advice.

At 16 your body is still maturing. If i were you i'd stop worrying about what weight you want to be at and focus on getting down the technique and learning as much as possible.

TUF-FKR 11-05-2010 01:03 PM

Man, really good points here. I know there is a rush to mature and go "adult" these days, but my body changed so much from the time I graduated high scool until the time I turned 22. Granted I stopped playing sports at 16. If you are serious about your diet and getting in shape, I would take wrestling in high school to suppliment your MMA. Also, meal replacement, or weight gainer protein, and whey protein are really the only things you should worry about in the muscle shops.

Dont take creatine, or any type of supps until your are 17.5. Then dont waste your time with Shotgun, thats garbage. Go for the BSN No-Xplode (They just came out with the NT version which is much better on the stomach). It used to be cheaper until the UFC started sponsoring it. Still the best stuff on the market. Ive tried them all. My buddy owns a supp store. Keep practicing. Eat right, train hard. The muscle and size will come. Good luck.

Amiton 11-08-2010 12:28 AM

You should wait on the weight thing.
As for supplement they're going to tell you not to take them because they are a little extensive for someone who's not at that "extreme" point yet. That being said supplements will help you get bigger and stronger. Don't take garbage off brand things and waste your money. I wouldnt suggest you spend your money on supplements though until you reached a plateau then use them to shatter it. Other than that work on form. A lot. That'll cause muscle memory and THOSE SPECIFIC MUSCLES will get a hell of a lot stronger.

Scromaster 11-18-2010 11:07 AM

All good advice but I want to emphasize technique. I know most of the pros only do a few hours of technique two to three times a week, but your not a pro. Work on technique for at least two hours a day.
You are going to hit the gym too most likely, so here is the most important part, unless your completely obese eat whatever you want, as much as you want, and drink lots of milk. One of the more common recovery shakes with natural body builders is plain old chocolate milk.
If you work out a ton when younger and don't get enough food it can stunt your growth and hurt you in many ways including slowing the development of your muscles. In other words if you exercise don't diet.

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