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2011Ssam 03-19-2011 06:09 PM

Injured Please Help!
So yesterday I was sparing with a friend and he landed a hard left on my eye so we stopped because I felt really dizzy and hurt. I went to the bathroom to check out my eye and it looks a little red and then I iced it for a bit. Then I went to blow my nose and bam my right eye started to inflate with what I'm guessing is mucus. From what I understand from reading other forums and such, there was a break in the sinus wall and all the pressure filled up my eye lids or something like that. It's super annoying and I hear it's a common problem but does anyone know a quick fix? I really need to get this fixed before I go to school.

2011Ssam 03-19-2011 06:53 PM

Here's a video of bascially what happened

2011Ssam 03-19-2011 07:14 PM

Update on my Condition
It's been about 18 hours and the swelling is down just enough to where I can barely open my eye and it's black and blue in the lateral (away from the nose) corner of my eye.
I don't know if icing it will make it better because the mucus might cool down and make it harder to disperse so I've just been laying down at a slant so that the excess substances will drain downward toward my mouth or something. It seems as if laying down kind of makes it worse or maybe it's just harder to open your swelled eye while laying down. I also noticed that in the lateral corner of my eyeball there is some blood. I don't know if this is normal but I hope it is just the clogged up mucus and it will disappear with time.
There also seems to be something wrong with my eye contrast because my left eye (which also got hit) seems to look at things darker than my right eye. My right eye makes things seem a little brighter. Oh and one more thing before I forget, everything seems to be a little blurrier than usual but I need to wear glasses anyways because I can't see things that are far away.

Judging by the progress it will take about a week for this to completely deflate and as for the bruising I'm guessing 2 weeks.

Day 3: So it is slowly getting better and I don't see any way to speed up healing besides just waiting and maybe taking some ibuprofen or other Anti-Inflammatory drugs. I haven't seen too many posts about this so I'm just going to keep logging on and updating posts for other people to look at.

Here's a picture of me on the third day. I'm finding it a little easier to open my eye but if I push around the puffy parts (People advise not to play around with the eye.) I can still hear some mucus-like sounds, kind of like after you blow your nose into a tissue and you squeeze the tissue into a ball or something. Also my right eye is starting to get itchy and building up sand as if I just woke up from sleeping.

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