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ColePettus 07-03-2011 10:32 PM

Any tips please?
I'll keep it short, gonna tell a little about myself and then ask for a little help.

*unimportant part - Even though I've always been very skinny I've always been able to beat my friends who were a lot larger and stronger than me in sparring and wrestling. It's probably due to flexibility, cardio, fairly strong for my size, never give up in a fight, and don't care about taking a hit.*

Been running cross & track off and on for five years. So have a decent cardio base.

Did boxing for a short time and my mom made me quit when I came home with a busted, swollen lip, and black eye. I still remember a lot of boxing techniques.

I've been working out pretty intensely for about a year now and I went from 5'10 and 95 pounds (was very under weight) to 6'0/6'1 and 126 pounds (slightly underweight) I have very low body fat. I got uninspired for a little while and lost a little strength but I'm recovering. I was able to bench 175 max one rep forgot other maxes because I was concentrated on that.

Training BJJ, no gi BJJ, and Muay Thai.
Trying to get in 1 hour BJJ, 2 hours no gi, and 2 hours muay thai.

-Running 2 miles a day and working out for about an hour.
-Doing a stretching routine concentrating on legs to be able to do a split to help my high kick.
-watching a lot of mma fight videos.

Nutriton: consuming 4500-6000 calories a day and around 200 g protein.
Mostly organic foods and all healthy only meats are chicken and fish.

(I'm not really worried about over training because I've worked out harder than I am right now and never got any injuries and made significant gains.)

What I need:
-Websites that I can learn from.
-Ideas for cardio because I need to improve on it and wanna do more than just running all the time.
-Ideas for workouts. I want to have the absolute most amount of power I can for my weight so I don't wanna concentrate on muscles I wont use for MMA.
-Ideas for stretches I want to concentrate on this, wanna know any stretches that could prevent submission.
-Anything else that maybe I'm not remembering or haven't picked up on yet.

I am 18, 6'0/6'1, and 126 pound. I want to compete at 135 pounds (unless 125 would be better.) And my motivation is at an all time high because I'm finally in a great program, I'm in a situation that I have 24/7 to concentrate on this and have no financial worries. I am putting my all into this and my goal is to become a professional fighter and I wont quit until I reach that or something stops me making it an impossible goal. I am also very interested in philosophies of battle/ fighting, so if you know any videos, books, or websites I'd appreciate it.
This ended up being a lot long than I expected and thanks ahead of time for any help and to anyone that took the time to read this.

PS- forgot to add anything about body hardening. Is this advisable and if so what can I do?

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