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kykid44 11-06-2011 04:01 PM

Help on cutting weight
Iím new on here and I would like to get some advice on the best way to lose weight. Right now im 5'10 and 170 pounds and I would like to drop between 10-30 lbs within 6 months. I havenít been working out as much lately due to college and my diet hasnít been that great either since I donít have much free time. I used to play lacrosse and that helped my stamina a lot and I did some weight lifting but didnít really lose any fat, just was able to run and lift more. Any advice on dieting, workouts and any other ways to help lose the weight would be greatly appreciated.

YourMMA 11-10-2011 09:36 AM

Eat clean, whole foods.

Cut out crappy, sugary drinks and drink water.

Do compound lifts.

Train hard.

kykid44 11-10-2011 02:57 PM

yeah i stopped drinking soda and that stuff around 8 months ago and ive started watching what i eat, cut out sweets and fast food. started lifting each day and ride a bike 5-10 miles. but any workouts to help with my legs, stomach area and pecks, that would be helpfull.

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