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dudeabides 04-16-2012 10:01 PM

UFC on FX 4: Gray Maynard vs Clay Guida

PheelGoodInc 06-12-2012 11:11 PM

I have a feeling wrestling will be nullified and Maynard will KO guida. I know guida is damn tough to KO, but without the wrestling advantage I feel like Maynard will be able to do it.

dudeabides 06-22-2012 11:25 PM


Round 1 - Big Dan Miragliotta will be the third man inside the cage for the five-round main event. The crowd is clearly pro-Guida judging from the introductions. Guida in the center. Maynard staying calm despite typical Guida fast opening pace, darting all around. SHort left hook from Maynard just misses. Right hand from Maynard is off the mark as Guida moves way. Guida gets inside for a quick hit, then right back out. Maynard stings him with a left, but Guida answers with one of his own. No takedown attempts through 90 seconds. High kick from Guida mises things up, but it's not there. Maynard's nose is a little red, and Guida sings him with a quick left. The crowd starts up a chant for Guida. He's remaining true to his game plan, never staying in the same place very long and staying mostly out of Maynard's power zone. He dodges a Maynard left. Then he lands a little jab and blocks a Maynard kick. Again Guida dances just away of the bront of Maynard's strikes, then counters with a right of his own. Guida will get a 10-9 first round on the card.

Round 2 - Left hand from Guida lands, but Maynard complains of an eye poke. He gets just a few seconds, all he needs, and we're back at it. Maynard comes forward quickly, but Guida's just not there. He throws a right, but Guida is just out of reach of it. Then he peppers in a left and right jab to Maynard's chin. Again Guida is just out of reach of a Maynard hook. THe crowd gets a little restless with Guida constantly dancing around. Guida throws a front kick, but again Maynard's counters find no home. Guida is doing just what he said he would do, which is stay out of Maynard's power. He lands a kick and some inside punches, scoring a few more points. Maynard tries to stalk him down and Guida just stays out of reach and counters. The crowd is booing what it deems to be a lack of activity. High kick from Guida lands, and he follows it with a jab. gives the second to Guida 10-9 – he's not doing major offense, but he's not getting hit, either.

Round 3 - Maynard is inside early to start and lands a few good shots. Guida starts mugging a little, wanting to lure Maynard in. He's all over the place, not letting Maynard get much off still. Maynard finally shoots for a takedown about 90 seconds in, but Guida defends. Guida blocks a kick, then pushes Maynard off from another hope for a takedown. Maynard throws his hands up as if to ask why Guida's running. The crowd again begins to boo. Guida fires off a jab as Maynard stalks him down toward the cage. Then Guida ducks under a Maynard hook, then away from another one. Maynard tells him he just missed and clearly looks frustrated with Guida's game plan. Maynard lands a couple short hooks that clip, then complains again of an eye poke. But Miragliotta won't give him time. Maynard lands a nice knee with about 10 seconds left, and Guida says he pulled his hair. Maynard gets a shot off just before the horn, then gives Guida double middle fingers. scores the third for Maynard, 10-9, but it's pretty tight.

Round 4 - Maynard misses with a right. Then misses with a kick. Left and right for Guida clip Maynard. Maynard finally catches up to Guida and lands a couple nice knees, and again Guida complains about his hair being pulled when Maynard clinches. Remember, Guida's hair is braided back for the first time in his career thanks to a complaint from the Maynard camp that is trademark locks were a danger of some kind in the fight. Two minutes in, more booing from the crowd. Maynard stings Guida with a right. High kick from Maynard isn't close though. Guida runs some more on his bike, and the crowd boos some more. Maynard stalks him down again, and Guida finds a way to get out of the way. A nice right from Maynard catches a home and might be his best shot of the fight. Guida answers with a right of his own, and again Maynard gives him double middle fingers. HE starts kneeing him in the clinchThey exchange like crazy. Maynard tells him to hit him. Guida obliges. Maynard starts jawing at him. Guida starts throwing wildly. Guida shoots for a takedown. Maynard stuffs it and latches on to a guillotine. He's got it in tight. Guida won't tap. He needs two slams to get out of it, then he gets half-mount just as the round ends. It's a 10-9 round for Maynard, and things just amped way up all of a sudden.

Round 5 - Good possibility this thing is all tied up going into the fifth round, but the momentum is likely all Maynard's. The crowd has turned on Guida and it's mostly a Maynard chant to start. Maynard finds a home for a couple shots and keeps trying to march Guida down. High kick from Guida clips Maynard on the jaw, and he follows it with a right hand. Maynard tells him to bring it on. Uppercut from Guida just misses. Left hand from Maynard seems to land. Maynard moves in for a single, but Guida pulls away. Body-head from Guida is good. Maynard again wants a takedown, and again it's not there. With two minutes left, he goes running after Guida, and the crowd boos like crazy. Finally Miragliotta steps in and tells Guida that if he keeps running, he's going to take away a point. Maynard wants a takedown, but Guida latches on to his neck and defends. Maynard looks for knees on the ground. Miragliotta looks closely. Back up, Maynard lands knees with 20 seconds left. will give the last to Maynard 10-9 and has the fight for him 48-47. Guida wants to hug him but Maynard wants none of it. Gray Maynard def. Clay Guida via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)

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