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dudeabides 12-12-2012 07:05 PM

UFC on FX 6: Colin Fletcher vs Norman Parke

Killz 12-13-2012 11:49 AM

1 mil on the Freakshow!

dudeabides 12-14-2012 09:55 PM


Round 1 - John sharp officiates this lightweight bout. Fletcher spins after a kick, and Parke rushes to clinch. He's snagged by Fletcher, who fires off knees, but Parke persists and pushes them to the cage. Parke puts Fletcher down briefly, but the gangly fighter is back up. Parke working hard for a trip, and after a struggle, he gets it. But what does he have? Fletcher is almost upright. Parke pushes him down in half-guard. Fletcher shrimps toward center cage and thinks about a kimura. Parke follows him and lands with a few left hands. Fletcher manages to snake his legs for a possible sub, but Parke stays calm. Scooting to the cage edge, Parke unloads with some elbows, and Fletcher works to sit up. Although tall, Fletcher is not at all mobile off his back. Parke now has side control. After some walking, they end up in north-south. Fletcher spins, and Park secures an arm, looking for a crucifix. Fletcher scrambles and reverses to side guard. Fletcher postures up and throws down some hammerfists. He runs out of time. scores the frame 10-9 for Parke.

Round 2 - Amid chants of "Freakshow," the two trade leg kicks. Fletcher attempts to advance, and Parke retreats. Park charges again and the two clinch. Fletcher works knees, but Parke storms forward and deposits Fletcher to the mat. Parke stands an fends off an armbar, and Fletcher again rolls to give Parke a great view of his rear-end. Parke does like wise in north-south, and it's becoming very clear that grappling is making all the difference in this fight. Parke grabs Fletcher's neck, but can't keep it. Instead, he takes mount and fires down an elbow. Fletcher rolling, and gives up his back. Parke has one arm, but the lanky Fletcher escapes and rights himself. Fletcher lets a leg kick go and fakes a few Superman punches. Parke again closing aggressively with punches. He misses big in close. Fletcher probing with his legs. Parke misses as Fletcher leaps in. Parke ducks and throws a bolo and catches a kick to the body. A flurry from Parke wakes the crowd up. Fletcher chases him across the cage but doesn't let anything go. They trade leg kicks, and Parke closes out the round with an easy takedown. Round 2 goes to him, 10-9, putting him up 20-18.

Round 3 - The guys hype the crowd before the opening bell, and they hug. Both swing, and Fletcher twirls with a kick. Parke gets the better of the next exchange. Fletcher responds with well-placed leg kicks. He's ending every combo with them. Parke with a straight left. Parke catches Fletcher in close with a left. Fletcher goes tumbling to the mat on a slip Parke makes him eat a left hand. Fletcher works kicks. Parke is scoring in close. At range, Fletcher's kicks are tearing him up, but he's the better man inside. Fletcher closing and easts a left. While none of Parke's punches are hurting Fletcher, they're scoring points. Parke leaves his head down and misses with punches as Fletcher snipes. Fletcher leads to the body. Parke with his hands down, and Fletcher goes with kicks. Parke gets fired up, but again, Fletcher's combos are superior when he has room to kick. Fletcher attempts a spinning elbow. Less than a minute to go. Fletcher overextends on a punch and gets dumped to the mat. He attempts to roll and gets to his knees, where Parke jumps on his back. That's trying to corral a giraffe, and soon, they're against the cage, where Parke misses with a final combo. scores the final frame for Parke for a 30-27 score. Norman Parke def. Colin Fletcher via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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