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dudeabides 12-12-2012 07:09 PM

UFC on FX 6: Igor Pokrajac vs Joey Beltran

dudeabides 12-14-2012 08:23 PM


Round 1 - Referee John sharp calls this light-heavy bout, and right off the bat, they're going toe-to-toe. They collide with the cage, and Beltran has the position. He knees the legs, and Pokrajac bides his time. Body shots from Beltran. A few foot stomps. Beltran looks for space, and Pokrajac thinks about a plumb. Beltran flurries to the body with a little space. Audience shouting instructions at Pokrajac. Beltran steps back and flurries with rapid-fire punches, waking up the audience, but Pokrajac is still standing. Knees from both men. Beltran connects to the jaw with a bit of space and then clinches. Beltran steps back for a minute, and what we're getting is brief hints of a fight. Still, it's a smart tactic for Beltran, who's doing most of the offense. Every time he leans back, he scores with big punches. Reeree calls for action. Beltran pistons with punches, and Pokrajac looks rocked. Nope, it's just a ploy. He lets Beltran punch out and then tries to jump on his opponent's back. It doesn't work, but in the ensuing scramble, he's got good position against the fence. Elbows in close from Beltran, and in the final 10 seconds, they trade. At the bell, Beltran gives Pokrajac a smile. scores the frame 10-9 for Beltran.

Round 2 - Beltran punches in, and Pokrajac dodges him. Pokrajac is the picture of patience today. Beltran with a combo to the body, and Pokrajac takes it. Pokrajac with a nice right hand counter. Pokrajac leaps in with a knee and unloads with punches, and the two are firing away with abandon. Pokrajac gets the better of it, but naturally, tires, and clinches against the fence. Beltran working to escape. Pokrajac elbows. Beltran reverses against the fence and stomps. Pokrajac goes with knees and Beltran punches to the body. Beltran back to his first-round strategy. The referee calls for action. Beltran moves them against cage and lets a few punches go. How bout some stomps? Beltran says yes. Body punch goes south of Pokrajac's border, and we pause. Restart, and Beltran closes. Pokrajac circling and jabbing. Beltran with a right hand Beltran cinches and lands a gaggle of shots in close before they come to rest at the cage. Elbow for Beltran. Thirty seconds left. Referee signals 10 seconds, and Beltran lands a two-shot combo to the body to close the frame. He takes Round 2, 10-9, on's scorecard. He's now up 20-18.

Round 3 - Swelling under Pokrajac's left eye. He closes in and goes high with a kick. Nice one-two counter. Pokrajac knows he has a lot of ground to make up, and he's fighting like it. But Beltran catches him and puts him against the cage, and here we are again. Pokrajac turns them and lands a knee, but Beltran gets the position back. You know what happens from here. Pokrajac pushes him off and escapes. He lands a stinging right hand counter. Beltran won't fall. Pokrajac invites him in, hands down. Two combo's land flush, but Beltran sends him pitching forward, seemingly out, with a counter. But Beltran and the cage catch him, and we're back in the clinch. Pokrajac goes high with a head kick and then looks for a right hand. Beltran stuffs him against the cage with less than two minutes left. Foot stomps and knees from Beltran, who tries something of a takedown. A knee from Pokrajac. Beltran pops up and fires off a combo, and Pokrajac responds, but Beltran isn't going to gamble this late in the fight. Beltran grabs Pokrajac's neck and lands knees to the head. Pokrajac escapes the bad position, but not the clinch. Finally, he does, and he punches in with right hands. They're going toe-to-toe again, though Pokrajac is getting the better of it. Audience going gaga. Beltran screams at the bell, and we're going to the scorecards. scores the frame 10-9 for Beltran, giving him the 30-27 decision against a far too passive Pokrajac. Joey Beltran def. Igor Pokrajac via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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