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dudeabides 02-26-2013 02:43 PM

UFC on FUEL TV 8: Takeya Mizugaki vs Bryan Caraway

dudeabides 03-02-2013 09:26 PM


Round 1 - Referee Marc Goddard oversees this bantamweight matchup. Caraway with an early left. The pair trades hooks the pocket. Quick start. Caraway fakes the overhand and kicks the legs. He moves inside and into a clinch. Mizugaki defends agains the cage and works in underhooks. Caraway tries to drop a level. Mizugaki won't have, and he settles into top position as they hit the deck. Caraway scrambles up to his feet. He tries a lateral drop and nearly gives away his neck before pulling free. Leaping left again for Caraway. Caraway finding success with his hands. He scores a takedown, but Mizugaki pops immediately back to his feet. Punches exchanged back and forth. Mizugaki lands a crisp right counter that brings the crowd to life. Mizugaki becoming he aggressor. Caraway shoots, but Mizugaki sprawl easily and backs away. Final minute of the first. Caraway shoots in again and wraps the legs. He gets Mizugaki to the floor and tries to take the back. Mizugaki using the cage to peel his opponent away, but Caraway gets the hooks in. He doesn't have time to capitalize, but Caraway takes the round on the card, 10-9.

Round 2 - Quick start again as the pair wings punches in the center. Caraway mixing in a few kicks as well. Caraway looks for a takedown. He gets deep on a leg. Mizugaki defends well against the cage, but he's on a knee. Mizugaki grabs the fence and gets a warning from Goddard. Caraway continues to push forward. Mizugaki grabs the cage again, and Caraway's corner yells at Goddard. Caraway gets the takedown, but Mizugaki pops quickly back to his feet. Left hand lands for Mizugaki on the restart. A second finds the chin. Caraway's hands low, and he's eating a few punches. Still, he's holding the center and walking forward. Caraway scores with a straight, and Mizugaki hits the deck. Caraway quickly follows and latches on to the neck. He transitions into mount and looks to squeeze the guillotine. Finally, Caraway lets it go. Mizugaki turns in, and Caraway is immediately on to his back. Caraway looking for the choke. Mizugaki doing well to defend, even as Caraway figure-fours the body. Caraway transitions again to the top in the final minute of the round. Short elbow for Caraway. He thinks armbar but can't pop free. Round ends, and gives it to Caraway, 10-9.

Round 3 - Touch of gloves to open the third. Mizugaki chops the legs. Punches exchanged n the pocket again. Both ares scoring in those flurries. Mizugaki with a crisp right. THey move forward to strikes, and Caraway is clipped. He wobbles, and Mizugaki pounces. Caraway gets to his feet, but he's not fully recovered. Mizugaki trying to capitalize, and the crowd comes to life. Caraway looks for a takedown, but Mizugaki shakes it off. Lad left for Mizugaki scores again. He's timing Caraway very well in the final round. THree minutes left. Caraway slips a punch, but he's lost some zip for sure. Still, he's answering now with his own flurries. Mizugaki still getting the best right now. Caraway retreating. He shoots in on a takedown that won't come as Mizugaki defends well against the cage. Caraway drops a level and gets Mizugaki to a knee. Mizugaki pops up and continues to defend. Caraway grinding against the cage. He's looking hard for the leg. Mizugaki defends and drives elbows to the head. Caraway finally lets go and moves to the center. Mizugaki looking to trade. He's running out of time. Mizugaki scores at the bell, and gives him the round, 10-9, but Caraway gets the fight, 29-28. UFC on FUEL TV 8 results: Takeya Mizugaki def. Bryan Caraway via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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