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dudeabides 03-01-2013 08:33 PM

UFC on FOX 7: Nathan Diaz vs Josh Thomson

HexRei 03-01-2013 09:29 PM

gotta bet diaz 300k

Joabbuac 03-02-2013 03:30 AM

Ill throw some money on Thomson when this is closer....

Guy Incognito 03-12-2013 05:19 AM

Thomson via holding on for dear life.

Ape City 04-15-2013 11:06 PM

400k on Diaz.

Nefilim777 04-17-2013 09:31 AM

300k on Nate the Great.

boatoar 04-20-2013 02:43 PM

A mil on Thomson

dudeabides 04-20-2013 08:57 PM

Nice bet John


Round 1 - Referee Mike Beltran in the cage. Thomson switching stances to open, and he misses a low kick. Diaz walking forward, and Thomson chops the leg. Diaz moving forward with punches, but Thomson staying out of range and kicking the legs. Crowd chanting for Diaz. Thomson sticking to his gameplan as Diaz tries to shuffle in front of him. Thomson punches the thigh and then lands flush with a high kick. Diaz holding his arms out, and he taunts Thomson for walking away. Thomson lands another high kick. Diaz lands a pair of punches. Diaz with his hands down. Thomson gets inside with a few knees before he pulls away. Diaz continues to stalk. Thomson slips his advance and seems to punch the back of the head. Diaz kicks the body. Stiff punches traded. Thomson with a trip. He lands punches from the top before backing away. Diaz taunts him again, and the round ends. has the first for Thomson, 10-9.

Round 2 - Quick start again as Diaz rushes forward. Knee scores to the groin for Diaz, and Thomson gets a quick rest. Diaz with his hand out, still taunting. Thomson kicks the leg, and they move into the clinch. Knee from Thomson followed by an elbow. He's got a bodylock, and he holds tight. He breaks, and they exchange punches. Diaz bleeding from his right eye. He moves in and scores a takedown, but Thomson refuses to stay on the floor. Diaz stalks again on the restart. Thomson not kicking as much, and he's forced to trade punches, which Diaz is happy to do. Into the clinch again. Thomson with a few knees inside before they break. Thomson with another high kick that lands flush. Diaz in trouble. Thomson pounces with big punches as Diaz wilts. Beltran gives him more than enough chance to recover, but he's done. Incredible work from Thomson. Josh Thomson def. Nate Diaz via TKO (strikes) - Round 2, 3:44

HexRei 04-20-2013 08:57 PM

first openly gay fighter to beat a diaz! :D

Guy Incognito 04-20-2013 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by HexRei (Post 2000282)
first openly gay fighter to beat a diaz! :D

Didn't shamrock say that live or something? :laugh:

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