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dudeabides 03-12-2013 07:12 PM

UFC 158: John Makdessi vs Daron Cruickshank

Ape City 03-16-2013 06:18 PM

I hope John is stronger than he looks. Cruickshank gonna mess him down! 50k

dudeabides 03-16-2013 08:54 PM


Round 1 - Marc Goddard heads up the man-in-the-middle duties for the lightwweight scrap. They feint early and look for an opening. The crowd is quick to boo without a punch or kick really thrown in the first 30 seconds. Makdessi goes high witha kick, but it's not there, and Cruickshank answers with a kick to the leg, then just misses up high. Good outside leg kick from Cruickshank. A couple minutes in, the crowd boos again. Makdessi goes high, and then tries a spinning kick that misses. The two try to find a home for some jabs, and Cruickshank goes back to work on Makdessi's left leg on the outside. Makdessi tries a couple body kicks, but Cruickshank follows with a head kick that is blocked. Makdessi gets off a pair of nice left jabs. Cruickshank says he took a kick in the babymaker, and Goddard gives him some time. Makdessi disagrees, but Cruickshank will get a brief timeout. Back at it, makdessi tries a switch kick, then lands a left hand. Spinning backfist from Makdessi is mostly good, and Cruickshank lands a spinning kick. He tries to follow it with a takedown, but it's not there. Cruickshank tries to land an elbow, then turns his back to Makdessi and tries to land a reverse kick. He nearly lands again as the horn sounds. Close first round, but leans toward Cruickshank, 10-9.

Round 2 - Makdessi lands a couple jabs early in the second, and we'll see if things open up for either fighter here. Cruickshank gets a head kick through. Seconds later, Makdessi pumps that double jab again, and Cruickshank again changes stances looking for the side kick to the body. Makdessi lands a good leg kick, but Cruickshank again goes after Makdessi's left leg, whcih is nice and red. Cruickshank steps in to an uppercut and lands it, then a kick to the leg and he's moving around a little more aggressively now. Spinning move by Cruickshank winds up hurting him as Makdessi lands a clean punch. Spinning back kick to teh body lands for Makdessi, and Cruickshank follows with a spinning wheel kick. The crowd loves that turn of events, but a Cruickshank shot can't result in a takedown. He again attacks Makdessi's left leg witha kick. Makdessi lands some more jabs, but a right hand from Cruickshank is clean. Makdessi tries an axe kick that misses. Back-to-back kicks from Cruickshank, but Makdessi answers back with a good combo. Makdessi lands a right hand, then a jab. He's made this a very close round, and lands a few punches after Cruickshank slips on a kick as the round closes. That should turn the frame in his favor on the card – 10-9 for Makdessi.

Round 3 - Cruickshank tries to come forward, but Makdessi's jab gets through again. Right hand from Cruickshank is on the button, but Makdessi counters with his own and then to the body. Cruickshank slips, but Makdessi wants him back up. Makdessi continues to get his punches off first, and Cruickshank wants the fight to the floor. But Makdessi easily sprawls out of it and lands nicely on the back end. Cruickshank lands to the body, but Makdessi counters perfectly again. Makdessi sprawls out of Cruickshank's fourth takedown attempt. Cruickshank tries a spinning kick, but it's not there, and he eats a pair of habs, then a right hand. Spinning back kick from Makdessi lands cleanly to the body, and with 90 seconds left, he has taken over this fight. Cruickshank misses with a kick over the top, then a kick to the body. Makdessi gets poked in the eye and calls for time – and Goddard gives it to him, but admonishes him a moment later to tell him that he'll be the one to call the fouls. Makdessi is ready to go pretty quickly, and when they restart Makdessi shows a big sense of urgency. A pair of spinning wheel kicks are well off the mark for Cruickshank, and Makdessi lands a right hand, then some more jabs, and another at the horn. gives the last for Makdessi 10-9 and the fight should go his way, as well, 29-28. John Makdessi def. Daron Cruickshank via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ape City 03-16-2013 09:03 PM

This is not going well.

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