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dudeabides 06-18-2013 12:29 AM

UFC 166: Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos

boatoar 10-13-2013 11:58 PM

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Expect another Cain vic, but I'd like to think Junior has a better shot than the odds suggest.

LizaG 10-14-2013 02:59 AM

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2.5Mill on JDS landing that shot that puts Cain away.

M.C 10-14-2013 03:05 AM

5M on Cain. He's too fast, too powerful, too energetic and pushes too hard of a pace for JDS or anyone to handle at HW. It will be the same outcome as the second fight except Cain might finish it this time.

M.C 10-20-2013 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by M.C (Post 2337057)
5M on Cain. He's too fast, too powerful, too energetic and pushes too hard of a pace for JDS or anyone to handle at HW. It will be the same outcome as the second fight except Cain might finish it this time.

Well... :cool:

I needed those creds too, I was starting to get broke.

dudeabides 10-20-2013 01:17 AM


Round 1 - Both fighters engage quickly. Dos Santos lands early and seems to stun Velasquez a bit. Velasquez immediately in with a takedown. Dos Santos gets back to his feet and is winging heavy, heavy punches. He scores with an uppercut. High pace to open, and Velasquez is looking to trade. Velasquez pushes into the clinch. Dos Santos defends against the fence. Knee inside. Dos Santos looks completely unconcerned. He misses a high kick but lands a left shortly after. Velasquez wraps the body and looks for the takedown. Not there, so he knees the legs. Second effort brings the action to the floor. Velasquez on top in half-mount. Dos Santos tries to push him back and create space. Velasquez won't allow it, and he sneaks in a few elbows. Dos Santos turns to his knees. Velasquez can't get the back. Dos Santos up on his feet. Velasquez stay inside and looks again for the takedown. Velasquez just misses a big punch. He's grinding away. Dos Santos defending against the fence. He's doing a good job of staying upright, but he's struggling to mount a counter. Knees traded. Dos Santos backs away and misses a spinning kick at the bell. Good round, and leans toward Velasquez, 10-9.

Round 2 - Velasquez forward quickly, and he swings away as he moves Dos Santos to the fence. He sweeps out a leg and gets Dos Santos on the floor, but the Brazilian stands right back up. Velasquez into the clinch and grinding away. He backs away and rattles off punches. Incredible pace and aggression to start from the champ. Dos Santos defending the takedown well, but he needs space to work. Velasquez won't give it to him. Leaping lefts from Velasquez bring him into the clinch again. Dos Santos pushes him away, but it's only temporary. Velasquez grinding. Dos Santos does scores in a scramble, but Velasquez is right back into the driver's seat. Cage maintenance going on during the round, as three men work on the door to the fence. Fortunately, it doesn't affect the action a few feet away. Velasquez punches away on the inside. Dos Santos gets some space to throw at the end, but it's a Velasquez round on the card, 10-9.

Round 3 - Velasquez barely looks to breathing hard. Dos Santos scores with a right hand in an early exchange, but Velasquez just walks right back into the clinch. Dos Santos gets some space and launches a big right, but Velasquez is stifling with the pressure. Velasquez drops for a takedown. Dos Santos defends and does land a right hand. He lands another shortly after, as well as a jab. Dos Santos with a front kick, and Velasquez pushes in for a takedown. Crowd boos it, and Velasquez starting to let go of the clinch earlier. Right hand over the top, for Velasquez, and Dos Santos is down. Velasquez jumps on top, but Dos Santos gets to his feet. He's wobbly. Velasquez attacks, and it looks like referee Herb dean touches Velasquez on the shoulder, but e fight on. Dos Santos is exhausted and hurt, but he survive. He backs up to the fence and wants to throw. Final minute. Dos Santos with his hands down, and Velasquez is punishing him. If he would back away, he could probably finish the fight, but he continues to work inside. Round end, and gives it to Velasquez, 10-8.

Round 4 - Dos Santos with an early jab, but Velasquez is inside immediately. Big right hand. He moves inside and knees the leg. Velasquez backs away and lands two punches. Just as he starts to ope up, he moves back into the clinch. Not sure if he's extending the fight on purpose or simply being cautious, but Velasquez looks like he could end this at any moment. Dean watching very closely, and he seems ready to step in at any moment. Credit dos Santos for staying upright but he's getting pummeled. Velasquez backs away, lands a few punches. He stomps the feet but is warned not to grab the cage. The action shifts to the gate that has been worked on, but it seems steady. Dos Santos' face is badly swollen from the abuse. Velasquez still working inside and landing short elbows. Blood flowing freely from dos Santos' face, and when they break, Dean calls in the doctor. The gash over the right eye is dripping blood, but we fight on. Dos Santos misses a huge right on the restart. Velasquez immediately back inside with punches into the clinch. They break, and Velasquez scores with a right. Blood just pouring down dos Santos' face. Still, he fights on. Valiant effort from dos Santos, but Velasquez is completely dominating. Round ends, and gives it to Velasquez, 10-8 once again.

Round 5 - Doctors in again to look at dos Santos, but they let him fight on. His face is an absolute mess, with the left eye closing and blood gushing from the right. Still, he walks out throwing bombs. He can't land flush, and Velasquez moves in for a takedown. Dos Santos turns and moves to his knees before climbing up to his feet. Velasquez battling inside, landing short punches to the body. He backs away and pops dos Santos with a flurry before moving back inside. Dos Santos' hands are by his side. His white shorts are stained pink from blood. He's desperate, but he can't secure anything. The action moves to the floor with dos Santos looking to wrap the neck. Velasquez pushes him over, and dos Santos' head hits the canvas. He'ss done. He turtles up on his knees, and Dean mercifully calls an end to the assault as Velasquez looks to strike.

Result: Cain Velasquez def. Junior dos Santos via TKO (strikes) - Round 5, 3:09

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