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dudeabides 09-17-2013 11:27 PM

UFC 165: Mike Ricci vs Myles Jury

dudeabides 09-22-2013 04:45 AM


Round 1 - Ricci takes the center as Jury circles. Both looking for opportunities to strike. Ricci using a long jab, and Jury mixing in a few kicks as he moves. Both mixing it up well to start, but neither landed flush just yet. Jury switching his stances, looking for options. Ricci kicks the leg. Jury has a high kicks blocked. Ricci kicks the legs. Jury pushes in for a takedown. Ricci defends against the cage, but Jury wraps the body and elevates him before throwing him to the floor. Ricci sits up and works to his knees. Jury staying tight on the body. Ricci lands a few elbows in tight and then moves to the feet. They separate before the bell. Not a lot to score there, but leans slightly toward Jury, 10-9.

Round 2 - Trading again to open. Ricci looks a little more busy to start. He misses an elbow and eats a counter punch. Ricci is chasing, and he pins Jury agains the cage but can't capitalize. Both fighters coming up short. Ricci lands a good left hand. Just feels like a sparring session right now as both are struggling to land with authority. Ricci does kick the body. Crowd getting restless. Jury with a nice left hand. Jury misses on a takedown. He kicks the body as they restart. Jury drops again for a leg but misses. Missing spinning backfist from Jury. Final minute. Ricci misses on a few wild strikes. Jury drives in again for a takedown. Ricci defends against the fence. Nothing there. Round ends on the feet, and crowd doesn't like it. leans toward Jury, 10-9. Just not a lot of offense to score.

Round 3 - Jury in for the takedown much earlier in this round, and he gets it. Ricci immediately scoots to the cage. Jury again stays tight to the body and holds his opponent down. Ricci get up to a knee. Ricci gets to his feet, but Jury brings him back down to the floor. Ricci tries to roll and reverse the position. He can't quite get it done, and Jury switches out. Ricci turns to his knees. Crowd is absolutely hating the fight. Jury keeping control of the action on the floor. It's not exciting, but it's certainly winning him the fight. Final minute. Ricci turns in on a scramble. He can't keep the position, and Jury turns in again. Crowd counts down the final seconds. Fight ends there, and it's a chorus of boos. scores the final round for Jury, 10-9, and gives him the fight 30-27. Second was close and 29-28 also an acceptable score.

Result: Myles Jury def. Mike Ricci via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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