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brownpimp88 01-02-2008 11:58 PM

UFC 80: BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson vs.

BJ Penn (Pictured left)
Nick Name: The Prodigy
Record: 11 - 4 - 1
Height: 5'9 (175cm)
Weight: 155lbs (70kg)
Style: Jiu-Jitsu

Former UFC Welterweight Champion
Coach on the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt
2000 BJJ Mundial World Champion at Black Belt
Most decorated American BJJ Practitioner

Notable Wins and Losses:
Georges St. Pierre (Loss, SD)
Matt Hughes (x2) (Win, SUB)(Loss, TKO)
Jens Pulver (x2) (Loss, MD)(Win, SUB)
Matt Serra (Win, UD)
Takanori Gomi (Win, SUB)


Joe Stevenson
(Pictured right)
Nick Name: Daddy
Record: 28 - 7 - 0
Height: 5'7 (170cm)
Weight: 155lbs (70kg)
Style: Wrestling

Winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 2
KOTC Welterweight Champion
KOTC Lightweight Champion
ROF Welterweight Champion
RITC Welterweight Champion
GC Welterweight Champion

Notable Wins and Losses:
Melvin Guillard (Win, SUB)
Yves Edwards (Win, TKO)
Luke Cummo (Win, UD)
Kurt Pelligrino (Win, UD)
D. Mishima (Win, SUB)

southpaw447 01-03-2008 12:02 AM

This is hard. I REALLY want BJ to just stomp a mudhole in Joe but my gut says joe is going to take this.

Hmmmmm. I'll have to think

nickman9000 01-03-2008 12:06 AM

I'm thinking BJ. And I also think JOe is actually a better fighter than Sherk and a tougher match-up for BJ. The way Joe handled Pelligrino, he could easily do the same to BJ and just out work him. Or I could see BJ getting the back and slapping on his patented RNC.

BJ all the way.

NCK 01-03-2008 07:23 AM

5510 on BJ.

I'm poor, I know.

Judoka 01-03-2008 07:47 AM

75k on BJ Penn.

IhitU.uHITfloor 01-03-2008 09:28 AM


wafb 01-03-2008 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by IhitU.uHITfloor (Post 429067)
Why would you even put your money on BJ, the odds aren't there, you are not going to win any credits. The odds are 1/1 which means if he wins you just get your money back no more no less. But if he looses you lose all of your credits. Just thought that I would give you the heads up.

err, not true. If he wins the bet he gets his points back and awarded the amount of points he bet with, so in essence he gets twice as much points.:)

TraMaI 01-03-2008 11:17 AM

That would be the case if the odds were 2/1 but they're not. Think of it this way


so he bet 5510, his bet would look like this

5510/5510 wiht them both being the same

or am I missing somethign really obvious?

either way, I'm not betting on the fight, odds suck.

Rated 01-03-2008 11:23 AM

No, wafb is right. Whenever you win a bet, you always get back what you bet PLUS your earnings. Therefore, if you bet 5,510 and win, you get back what you bet (the 5,510) plus 5,510 (one times what you bet).

A 2/1 means that you get 5,510 plus 11,020 (or twice what you bet). If 1/1 means that you get back what you bet, there would be no point in betting.

MJB23 01-03-2008 11:34 AM

these odds are terrible it should be 2/1 for bj and 3/1 for joe

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