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dudeabides 02-21-2011 12:40 AM

UFC 127: Brian Ebersole vs Chris Lytle

Inkdot 02-21-2011 09:57 AM

Free creds? Dunno? What do you guys think?

BobbyCooper 02-21-2011 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by Inkdot (Post 1366043)
Free creds? Dunno? What do you guys think?

You're wayyyy too smart my friend :D

Killz 02-21-2011 04:48 PM

easy money i hope...

Shady1 02-22-2011 08:15 AM

Lytle by TKO

AlphaDawg 02-22-2011 05:11 PM

Ebersole has had over 60 fights so this is hardly an easy fight for Lytle. Might bet on Ebersole if I can find some of his fights first.

dudeabides 02-26-2011 10:50 PM

Ebersole takes our creds and the UD, well he earned it and 420 + soojooku + pratik = genius.


Round 1 - Referee Steve Perceval oversees this welterweight contest. Lytle moves to the center, and Ebersole opens up with his famed cartwheel kick. Lytle blocks the surprise maneuver. Lytle punching early, and Ebersole covers up. Ebersole shakes his arms and head in a taunt. Ebersole shoots, but Lytle is game and pushes him away. Ebersole covering well, but Luytle is throwing leather early. Ebersole's corner wants him to keep moving, but he's fairly stationary. Lytle grabs a guillotine choke when Ebersole looks for a single-leg takedown. Lylte can't get guard as he hits the deck. Lytle looks to stand, but he keeps the choke. He flips Ebersole over and takes half-mount. Ebersole also grains the head and slows Lytle's advance. Ebersole tries to scramble, but Lytle locks the guillotine again. He has full guard, but he lets it go after a few seconds. Lytle back to his feet, and Ebersole pushes in against the cage. One minute remains. Lylte drops down again for a guillotine attempt. It's not there. Back to his feet, and Lytle rolls for a kneeler. Ebersole defending well, but he doesn't have much offense. In the final seconds, Ebersole comes alive with a few shoulder strikes. Lytle is cut under the eye. Ebersole rises and gives a little taunt before the final bell. Nevertheless, gives the round to Lytle, 10-9.

Round 2 - Lytle again takes the center. Lytle punching away with tight boxing, while Ebersole covers well and advances with a few unorthodox blows. Spinning kick to the body lands for Ebersole. Lytle landing big uppercuts and bodyshots, but Ebersole proving durable. Moderate pace as Lytle picks his opponent apart on the feet. Ebersole retreating and covering well, but he's certainly falling behind. Ebersole shoots, but Lytle sprawls perfectly. Lytle starting to reach a little bit as Ebersole moves away, but Ebersole hasn't countered yet. Halfway into the second. Ebersole continues to taunt a bit. He shoots in, and Ebersole lands a big knee. Lytle hits the canvas, and Ebersole locks up a deep D'arce choke. It looks dangerous, but he lets it go. Lyl hurt against the cage. Ebersole lets his opponent rise, but he stays tight. Lytle tries another guillotine, but Ebersole slams him to the floor. Ebersole puts the arm across the neck as he pushes in. Shoulder strikes in tight, and the round ends. gives the frame to Ebersole, 10-9, on the late damage.

Round 3 - Ebersole opens with another cartwheel kick that Lytle blocks. Lytle still firing shots, and he defends a takedown. Lytle tries for a kimura on the feet. He drops down, and Lyle falls to his back and looks for a guillotine. Not there, so Lytle goes back to his feet. It's another guillotine choke for Lytle, and he transitions to the top while holding the choke. Ebersole scrambling and rolling, but Lytle refuses to let go of the neck. He finally lets go, and Ebersole tries to work from the top. Lytle senses the change and works to his feet. Lytle thinks kimura gain, but it slips off. Lytle looks exhausted, and Ebersole dives for a takedown. He can't get it. Still, he pushes into the clinch. Bit of a stalemate, and there's a brief timeout as Ebersole lost his mouthpiece due to a slap. Little more than a minute on the restart. Lytle works the body. Ebersole answers and tries for another takedown. Not there, and he rolls for a kneeler. It allows Ebersole to take the top, and Lytle has to try and keep the action close. An exhausted Lytle tries to snatch the leg in the closing seconds, but he won't get it. Fight ends there, and a bloodied Lytle is dejected. sees the final round for Ebersole, 10-9, and awards him the fight, 29-28. Brian Ebersole def. Chris Lytle via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

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