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dudeabides 07-03-2011 03:37 AM

UFC 133: Johny Hendricks vs Mike Pierce

dudeabides 08-06-2011 07:36 PM

Hendricks by decision:


Round 1 - Hendricks considers a low kick and then resets. Pierce answers with a body kick. Pierce looks for a clinch but eats two knees and thinks better of it. They clinch and jockey for position, and Hendricks puts his opponent against the cage. They continue fighting for position before Pierce backs off the cage. They remain locked, and both land punches on the bread. Pierce lands a nice low kick. Pierce throws a punch and then avoids a takedown, and they remained clinch. Hendricks misses a punch on the break. Hendricks shoots again and gets the takedown. Pierce is back up, but Hendricks wraps his hips. Pierce, though, smoothly circles out, and we reset. Pierce stalks, but Hendricks backs him up with punches. They trade blows from close quarters, and Hendricks lands some nice jabs and a knee before the clinch. He follows with an elbow and then another knee before Pierce clinches. They go to the cage and battle for underhooks. Pierce just misses an elbow on the break. They trade low kicks and then head shots. Hendricks just checks a head kick in time and answers with a knee. It's a close round, but scores it 10-9 for Hendricks.

Round 2 - Pierce moves forward with punches, but nothing lands. Hendricks then narrowly checks a head kick. The fighters trade punches, but little lands from distance. Pierce finally connects on a few. They clinch but break soon after. Little lands as each continues looking for an opening. Hendricks shoots, but Pierce senses it and nicely sprawls. They clinch against the cage, and Pierce is the aggressor with short punches and a couple footstomps. Pierce mixed in a few body punches, but the ref wants a restart. Hendricks shoots, but Pierce grabs a front head lock and pushes him into the cage. Hendricks patiently looks for an escape. Hendricks breaks free but takes a forearm to the grill in the process. Hendricks lands a nice lunging knee, and they trade punches from close quarters as Hendricks gets the better of it. Pierce quickly answers with a nice combo. Hendricks tries punches and knees, but Pieces covers up well. Hendricks unloads a nice combo, but Pierce checks the head kick. Hendricks tries another combo and shoots, but Pierce sprawls. Hendricks grabs an ankle and continues working for the takedown. He then works on a singe leg, but Pierce stays upright. Hendricks works in knees to the legs. It's another close one, and scores it 10-9 for Hendricks.

Round 3 - Hendricks opens with a heavy barrage early, but Pierce returns fire. They clinch against the cage but soon reset. They trade blocked punches before Hendricks has some success with dirty boxing while clinches. Pierce answers with an elbow. Pierce wings a hook, and Hendricks shoots. Pierce uses a front lock to stop the advance, and Hendricks puts a hand on the mat to avoid knees. They soon reset. Hendricks lands a knee as they clash in the center. Pierce presses his opponent into the fencing and then slowly works him to the mat. Hendricks is back up, but Pierce takes his back. Hendricks spins out of it, but Pierce wraps the hips and puts Hendricks airborne for the takedown. Pierce works from inside Hendricks's full guard. Hendricks ties up his arms but eats an elbow. He pulls Pierce close, and Pierce works on body punches. Pierce gets throw an elbow from the top and follows with a few more. Hendricks escapes but is warned about an upkick to a downed opponent. On the restart, they fight from the clinch and trade punches. Hendricks wraps a single leg and works for the takedown. Hendricks fights for it, but Pierce is fending it off. The fight ends in the position battle. It's another close one, but scores the round 10-9 for Pierce but the fight 29-28 for Pierce. Johny Hendricks def. Mike Pierce via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

dem0x7 08-06-2011 08:14 PM

Both guys were evenly matched and it turned out to be a great fight. Close fight, but I agree with the decision.

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