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dudeabides 11-01-2011 09:20 PM

UFC 138: Rob Broughton vs Phil De Fries *Spoilers*

UKMMAGURU 11-05-2011 09:04 AM

Phil De Fries is a fellow Wearsider and i hope he can pull it off but have serious doubts, both of these are decent grapplers and i'm expecting Broughton to get a late sub or TKO via GnP.

dudeabides 11-05-2011 03:26 PM


Round 1 - Referee Dan Miragliotta oversees the British heavyweights. Broughton jabs early. De Fries ducks under for a slow-moving takedown attempt. No dice. He presses Broughton against the cage. Nothing there, and they're eventually split. Broughton again looks to punches from the center, but De Fries immediately moves into the clinch again. With three minutes remaining, he finally gets the action to the floor. De Fries in side control with Broughton's feet on the cage. He steps over into half-mount. Broughton scrambles underneath, but De Fries is tight on top. Not much action coming from top position, but Broughton doesn't look like he'll escape. De Fries stands and then pushes back in, trying to secure a choke in the process. Broughton feels it and escapes, but De Fries is now on his back. Round ends there. Slow-paced grappling throughout, but sees it for De Fries, 10-9.

Round 2 - De Fries immediately closes the distance and takes the fight to the floor. Broughton to his knees, and De Fries tries to leap the back while getting the hooks in. It's not really successful, but he is still in good position. Broughton is turtles, and De Fries has his right hook firmly in place. He's trying to step over with the left but can't find it. Broughton looks for a kimura underneath and eventually stands, but De Fries has him down again. Broughton threatens again with the kimura and moves into a straight armbar. It's not there, but it was momentarily tense. Broughton is on top now, and he looks for the keylock. Not there, but he moves into a crucifix. De Fries is stuck on his back and eats a few elbows and short punches. Broughton looks again for the submission, but he can't finish. Still, he's on top when the round ends, and sees it for Broughton, 10-9.

Round 3 - De Fries now pumping the jab. He closes the distance and eats a knee to the gut but is still able to get the action to the mat again. Broughton rolls to his knees, and then again to his back. Both fighters look very tired as they try to grind their way to a win. De Fries in side control. Broughton to his knees, turtled. De Fries looks for the back but winds up in mount when Broughton rolls. Two tedious minutes remain, and neither of these fighters is doing anything to win over the crowd, and many fans are starting to jeer. Miragliotta lets the two work. It's not much action, but there are some subtle position changes, so the action carries on. Broughton scrambles underneath, looking for room. His feet are on the cage, and he's looking or something but won't get it. Finally a restart with about 12 seconds left. Broughton misses with a haymaker, and the round ends. The crowd boos as De Fries raises his hands to celebrate. scores it 10-9 for De Fries. Philip De Fries def. Rob Broughton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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