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Budhisten 10-05-2012 03:04 AM

UFC 153 conference call - written highlights

Anderson Silva

The main thing for me, is for me for any fight is to keep my mind clear as possible and keep doing what I was born to do.

Everything I have done has played a role into the building the fighter I am today.

I am always trying to create new techniques, and I began doing the tennis ball training back when I was training capoirea.

On the odds: Bonnar is a great athlete in ufc history, and is good on his feet and has good takedown defense. In MMA anything can happen.

He is a part of the UFC family, and he is just doing his part stepping in. In the situation, everyone can do what they can help. I am just showing commitment.

I’m not perfect but I try my best, and its a way I can show my family that I am always trying to improve myself.
on 3 rounds vs 5- every fights a fight. I am training to put on a great performance, but every fighter should be training to as long as the fight will take. 3 or five rounds doesn’t matter. Win or lose.

Everyone is preparing to be a good champion and so is stephan bonnar. I want to give back to the Brazilian fans who have supported me. Its an honor to fight Bonnar.

This is going to be one of the biggest fights in my career.

This fight will make both our careers take off.
Its important for everyone to realize the importance of

Brazil in the tradition and history of MMA. I am not putting down other countries.

on 205: Alot of talk about me moving up to 205, but its nothing I ever wanted. We have other guys who can face Jon Jones. I need to keep my belt in 185 and defend what I built. Im 37 years old, I need to defend what I have.

Stephan Bonnar

Im handling the child and training stuff, but the media stuff has me wanting to go postal.

Im in good enough shape to fight. I never said weight was going to be an issue. I said conditioning would be hard coming out of retirement.

Brazil and jiu jitsu is how I got started in MMA. Studying under Carlson Gracie.

The chance to fight the greatest fighter in the world in Brazil is crazy. I feel like I’m in a movie. This is great.

I was already trying to get over the whole fight thing. I campaigned for some great fights and was always told no. I told them, if I wasnt getting the best fights I think I was done.

Fighting was always for fun, and fight with Silva is a dream come true.

I had a few weeks of training of coming into the fight, but just enough to take the rust off.

I enjoy reading the negative tweets. Their jaws will drop when they see it.

He’s a great accurate strike, I need to make it ugly and be aggressive. Take a punch to give a punch.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

on BJJ not working- Everyone can what they want to. I have many wins and many have been won with bjj. With this fight,

I have been training my bjj. I am feeling good, and my arm feels stronger and ready to go. I was asking the ufc the fight on this card, and now I got it.

Title run: Right now in my career, JDS has the title and there are other guys to fight. If it happens it happens.

Im recovered and having great training. I am always being tested in training. If I am training well I will fight well.

Speaks highly of the team. Silva, Feijao, his brother.

In his fight with Mir, he made a mistake to take the fight to the ground against Mir. He learned from the mistake and won’t be making it again.

I was very disappointed to not be able to fight in July. I blocked the kick with my broken arm, and I was getting hit in training and we didn’t want to risk future injury. I just needed to wait and take more time. I am ready now. Now I get to fight in my hometown.

Dave Herman

Really excited about the opportunity. A lot of big names on the card, and we’ll see how I match up with Nog.

BTW, check out Bonnar's walk-out shirt, had a good chuckle ;)

ClydebankBlitz 10-05-2012 01:41 PM

I wish JDS would just lose already so I can see Nog potentially get a flash title shot haha.

I dont care what anyone says, Bonnar Vs Silva is the most excited I've been since Silva Vs Sonnen 2.

BrutalKO 10-05-2012 02:01 PM

...You can't help to like Bonnar. He's still humble and stepping into a main event against the best fighter must be intense. He deserves a main card headliner. One thing, if for some reason Bonnar wins, he'll get the respect from the brazillian crowd, unlike Sonnen who caused a security risk because of his ridiculous remarks. Bonnar will make a fight of it weither he wins or loses. Steph is very capable of putting Anderson on his back and a big, strong 205 guy who's a Gracie BJJ guy makes this interesting. Anderson will have to tie Bonnar up like he did to Chael, keeping him from landing anything. If not, Bonnar can do some damage inside the guard. I think Bonnar is capable of dragging Silva into a 3 round deep water fight because Bonnar is no easy task to finish...

ClydebankBlitz 10-05-2012 07:43 PM

If Bonnar wins he BETTER retire. I dont want to see him ruin that legendary win by getting owned by Bones afterwards.

And in response to the dude above, Bonnar doesnt want to put him on his back. "Take a punch to give a punch". This dudes in for a stand up war.

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