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Originally Posted by Sousa View Post
So he gets a title shot for losing? Dam, I wish I was a fighter, you don't need to win anymore to get a title shot
He didn't lose tho .

Diaz..Edgar.. Cormier.. Cain.. Mir.. Overeem.. Jon Jones
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Originally Posted by Rygu View Post
The integrity of the UFC is slipping with this kind of shit. Diaz beats Penn and loses to Condit both by decision, Hendricks KOs Fitch and Kampmann and Diaz gets the next shot?

Dana is going for PPV buys and nothing more with that fight. As much as I'd love to watch GSP put a beating on crybaby Diaz, Hendricks deserves the next title shot plain and simple.

A sad day.
Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
Johny Hendricks, three top 5 welterweights later and shafted once again. They probably feel that Nick is a more favorable match-up for GSP and want to get this fight out the way seeing that this is a marketable rivalry that brings a lot more money to the table than a Hendricks/GSP match up that GSP has a real shot at losing. In any case, I feel bad for Hendricks. There's not a single contender in the UFC that deserves and has rightfully earned a title shot more than this guy.
Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
Totally agree... UFC is about Marketing now...
Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
I've come to understand that the UFC is show business at the end of the day. They need to put on shows that generate the most revenue although sometimes it doesn't necessarily make sense at all.

Diaz getting the title shot is strange when it comes to ranking or wins and losses. But there isn't a sanctioned ranking system.

In the grand scheme of things it's a lot better enforced than Elite or Pride. The latter being heavily corrupted although we got to see some crazy fights in that org.

Besides, this fight was suppose to happen anyways.

GSP by brutal GNP for all 25 minutes straight.
Originally Posted by Dtwizzy2k5 View Post
It's pathetic that the UFC makes fights all based on money now. I know some idiots will defend it by saying "it's a business of course it's about money!" Well guess what, if it's all about money and money is everything then I'm going to save mine by streaming this fight online FREE instead of giving any money to Dana. See? Two can play at the game of maximizing earnings!
Originally Posted by Drogo View Post
The UFC makes it clearer with every passing day they don't give a tin shit about making any attempt to even look like a sport. Another joke of a fight that makes no sense unless you only care about selling tickets. **** the ******* hell off Dana, I can not tell you how much I hate the matchmaking of the UFC lately.
Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
so true. It pains me to say it but i am losing interest. I loved MMA and have been a fan since the 90s but its becoming more and more political and more and more about the money and not the sport. Silva vs Mia was when it started going downhill for me and honestly I haven't bought a PPV since they told the fighters the can't have gun companies as sponsors. All opinion about guns aside it was political BS stunt that is a burden to the fighters. I still am a fan and watch replays online and like to talk about it (and post on this forum) but i am not going to give the 60 USDs an event.
It's nice to see people are coming around and realizing that Dana is bogus...I've been saying it for years.

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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Not sure what this means.

But he tosses everyone around. Even if he is scared to face the #1 P4P fighter he is still the #2 and dominates that class. He would toss Rory, Hendricks, Marquardt, and Maia around. So whats the difference.

He wants to fight Diaz. And Diaz at least has skills to match him in more than 1 area. Where Hendricks matches him in no area. Including cardio.
It was me saying that he will fight Hendricks after he easily beats Nick. Johnny will have to wait another fight.

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You're Welcome.
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The nerve of that Dana White. Giving GSP, longtime champion and noted company man, and the fans, who line the UFC's pockets, the fight that they want. What a 'bogus' individual. He ought to be fired immediately.

While we're at it, let's also fire Joe Silva and the Fertitas... you know, those other guys who also call the shots that no one ever seems to have a gripe with.
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So gsp who is always blabbering about fighting the best & for his legacy.Is fleeing from the anderson superfight, refusing to fight hendricks who whether hes up to it or not rightly earned his shot to face gsp.In favour of fighting diaz who is not only coming off a loss and suspension but has damn near lost to every wrestler hes ever faced.

This gsp guy is such a tactician, I have seen such a manufactured "great" in my life.This guy cant finish any welterweight & refuses to face anyone a weight above him.Yet his fans swear hes the best

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I love how it is bogus Dana, yet GSP asked for the fight when they were talking Anderson Silva. Everyone applauded GSP when he said there are plenty of guys at 170 who present a challenge. But now when he wants Nick Diaz he gets no flack....and that all goes to Dana? Why?

Dana is wrong because he wants to put on the biggest fights? Dana is wrong because he would give GSP the fight he wants?

I find it odd that a lot of people think they run the UFC. Or know how it is "supposed to work". Pride used to have crazy tourneys and open weight fights. Fighters have always got undeserved shots.

Yet all of a sudden people cry and act like this has never happened. Act like their idea of the UFC is the way it should be and if it isn't then everything isn't legitimate.

The fans run the UFC. If you don't buy fights you don't want to see then the UFC will change what they do. If more people want to see Diaz...and the champ wants that fight...then it will happen.

I am surprised how ignorant and or stupid people are when it comes to this. As if there is some model and ranking system and order of things. There isn't. Never has been.
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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
You are right. It isn't. But it isn't football, hockey, basketball, ect. to an even higher degree. All things you call "sports" and are trying to compare it too.

The rest I'm not even going to read. You are just a little punk who thinks he knows everything. On one hand Frankie's shot is sort of justified because a lot of people thought he beat Bendo. But Diaz's is not because YOU say he clearly lost. When the fact of the matter is a lot of people thought he won.

You are a hypocrite to the fullest extent. And when you get exposed as one you try to turn your opinions into facts.

A lot of people thought Frankie beat Bendo. A lot also thought Diaz beat Condit including a few current champs and a few past legends.

I can't discuss things will someone so full of themselves. According to you the fact a lot of people thought Diaz won doesn't matter because you say so. Ok..
The stats don't lie, I don't have to justify because it's already been justified, Condit won and Frankie won, the judges got it right on Condit/Diaz they got it wrong on Frankie/Bendo. If you don't believe me, look it up yourself.

Personally, I wouldn't have given Frankie the title fight, I'd have done Aldo/Korean Zombie because I believe Jung is the rightful top contender, I love Frankie and I think he'll beat Aldo, he doesn't deserve the shot but as I showed you, he beat Ben Henderson the second time, the judges got it wrong, he out-struck and out-grappled him, but again me personally if I was the UFC Matchmaker, it'd be Aldo vs. Jung, not Aldo vs. Edgar.

I love Chael but there's no way on God's green earth he'd be fighting Jones if it was up to me and apparently everyone else feels the same way, I could have gone with him fighting Jones back in September because he's the only guy who stepped up but now Dan Henderson is healthy set to fight in February against Machida, he should be coaching TUF, not Chael, but again I'm not the match maker and personally I feel for Dan because he'll never get that title shot after Machida lights him up in February.

This? Well, my feelings are well known, Johny Hendricks did everything he could have possibly done and he got pushed to the side because Nick Diaz runs his mouth and he doesn't.

It's the UFC's digression, I'm a fan eventually I'll get over it but I don't have to like it and I don't like any of these three fights truth be told, even Aldo/Edgar which is some-what justifiable the only one of these fights are, but I will take great pleasure in watching GSP toss Nick around like a rag doll and then bash his brains into the canvas, hopefully in Montreal in March because we all know it's gonna happen. Nick doesn't have a chance of winning this.

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Seriously, people need to relax GSP, Diaz is a great fight. The want it, GSP and DIAZ want it, so let it happen. Hendricks will surely have the winner.

I'm a huge Diaz fan, but there is no denying what is going to happen with GSPs wrestling and insane top game.
No it's not.

I know there's a lot of Diaz fanboys out there but get real, GSP doesn't get submitted and he's so much more athletic than Nick it's not even funny, he could probably out-strike him too.

He will probably take him down, bust him open with elbows and everyone will complain because he "lay n prayed".

What the hell's next seriously? Aldo/Edgar was at least plausible because many people think Edgar is the Lightweight Champion.

But then Chael got a title shot, and I like Chael but that's bullshit what they did to Hendo especially since Jones can't fight until April anyway, and now Diaz is getting a title shot over a guy on a five fight win streak. Dana and company better hope Bellator doesn't get big on Spike like they did or I truly think a bunch of fighters will leave, if I was Hendricks I'd leave for sure after this.

I've listened to Rampage bitch and complain for months and I thought he was just being a sore sport but honestly he's got a point, UFC is all about money and they aren't even trying to hide it now. Really hope Bellator makes it at least they treat MMA like a real sport.
Dude did you even read my post, I said GSP and his wrestling and top game will stop Diaz from having any chance of winning.
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Man...if they're bringing this fight to Toronto I'm going for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

"You have a big word for a guy who don't have a gi right now." - Renato Laranja
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Same here! I live in the TDOT!
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