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RearNaked 12-09-2012 01:17 AM

Matt Brown snubbed twice, what gives?
First he doesn't get to speak after the biggest win of his career and then he doesn't get KO of the night?

Did this guy bang Dana's wife?

I can't be the only one to think his KO of Swick was way nastier than Edwards' KO of Stephens, can I?

Roflcopter 12-09-2012 01:22 AM

KOing a fighter with a weak chin is much less impressive than KOing a dude who had never even been wobbled before.

RearNaked 12-09-2012 01:25 AM

Ah, I thought it was the manner of the KO that won the award, though, not who you KO'd.

I guess I can see the logic.

Though you could argue that KOing a WW is more impressive than KOing a LW.

Roflcopter 12-09-2012 01:28 AM


John8204 12-09-2012 01:31 AM

in 14 fights Brown's never gotten a bonus, shocking seeing as how he's either knocking guys out or getting caught in subs. You'd think a FOTN or KOTN would happen with his averages but nope. I think the biggest robbery was his fight with Kim losing FOTN to Tavares/Pellegrino.

But with that said yeah I didn't have him in the mix for either bonus. I would have gone

1. Cruckshank
2. Edwards
3. Abel
4. Brown


1. Nijem/Proctor
2. Siver/Phan (I thought Phan showed a lot of heart and skill keeping from getting finished)
3. Gustaf/Shogun
4. Jorgensen/Albert
5. Trujillo/LeVesseur
6. Brown/Swick
7. Cruickshank/Martinez

RearNaked 12-09-2012 01:34 AM

Either way I think he showed a massive leap in ability on the ground tonight. He could be a force at WW if he keeps on his progression towards being a more complete fighter.

His standup is as good as anyone in the division.

John8204 12-09-2012 01:48 AM

IT could also be that Mike Swick is done. Don't forget Johnson was kickking Swick ass before his awesome KO. And while Brown is 4-0, 2 of those guys were released and both Thompson and Swick are one or two fights away from a cut.

He's 2-2 against active UFC guys, and that's out 14 fights.

TheGreg 12-09-2012 07:28 AM

I thought Cruckshank deserved it. He looked unreal in this fight... and the KO was just nasty.

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