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Budhisten 01-15-2013 02:05 PM

Official poster for UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen

LL 01-15-2013 02:23 PM

Generic poster is generic.

The Best Around 01-15-2013 02:28 PM

I wouldn't mind if UFC sometimes mixed up their posters. It's always just faces next to each other. But I get that they want to make it feel like a sport and not entertainment. But this poster isn't too inspiring.

Ape City 01-15-2013 02:29 PM

Sonnen looks scared, and rightfully so.

K R Y 01-15-2013 02:44 PM

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Really wish the UFC would invest in their posters. They're never awe inspiring or breath taking.

Spec0688 01-15-2013 03:04 PM

meh...its a pretty average poster, but its not horrible.

With that said, the amount of events UFC holds and the amount of posters they have to make is massive. So obviously not everyone will look great, but for bigger events like this one, they should put more effort into it.

Canadian Psycho 01-15-2013 04:03 PM

Sonnen looks like he just saw Jones step into the showers.

Crester 01-15-2013 04:49 PM

Sonnen looks like he's about to cry... that's the same look we are gonna see on his face right before Jon Jones delivers the last fatal blow.

El Bresko 01-15-2013 09:12 PM

Their posters suck.

PheelGoodInc 01-16-2013 05:01 AM

LOL. Sonnen looks scared shitless and Jones looks like he's about to go on a killing spree.

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