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Canadian Psycho 02-20-2013 11:49 AM

UFC has started randomly testing TRT users.


Chael Sonnen, of all people, is praising Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White, who vowed to make life miserable for abusers of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Those are strange words to type, considering the source.

The UFC 159 headliner delivered his message on a recent episode of UFC Tonight to inform mixed martial arts (MMA) fans he's already been tested for TRT ahead of his April 27 title fight against Jon Jones, scheduled for the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, and he's glad someone is finally taking a stand against the "abuse."

"I love that he has changed his stance. Don't ever be afraid to change your opinion when confronted with new evidence. Now, for me, this is Dana White's crowning moment, both as a leader and also from an integrity standpoint. No executive anywhere, whether it's a sports or business executive, would shine a light on his own organization and say, 'Hey, we've got a problem and it needs to be addressed right now.' And I'll tell you, we're not just talking about testosterone use, guys, we're talking about abuse. He did the right thing.... And it's already been started since this announcement has been made -- I was tested four days ago."

Rest easy, "Bones," your opponent -- who is reportedly 240 pounds and "ripped" -- is still playing by the rules.

Past and present inductees into the TRT club include Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Vitor Belfort and Frank Mir, among others. The train went off the rails when Alistair Overeem returned a 14:1 testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) level during a surprise drug test last May.

And "The Phenom" fiasco didn't help matters any.

Sonnen, who reportedly suffers from hypogonadism (his nads are sperm challenged), was bagged and tagged by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) back in August 2010 for improperly disclosing his TRT prior to his first fight against Anderson Silva in Oakland.

It cost him six months on the sidelines.

"The American Gangster," who will be 36 by the time he fights Jones, has since properly disclosed his TRT use (which began back in 2008) to athletic commissions prior to competing in the states of Illinois at UFC on FOX 2, Texas at UFC 136 and Nevada at UFC 148.

You can expect another therapeutic use exemption (TUE) when he returns to the Octagon in April.
Perhaps Dana wasn't just blowing smoke.

Ape City 02-20-2013 11:51 AM

Wow I thought Dana was full of shit. Don't even know how to react...I really didn't think this was gonna happen.

cdtcpl 02-20-2013 12:03 PM

Since the UFC is doing the testing I wonder what the punishment for getting caught is? Will we see impartial punishments in this as we do for all things? Hell they just released a 6-2 fighter but have several riding 0-3 streaks in the org.

SM33 02-20-2013 12:11 PM

Good stuff.

Hammerlock2.0 02-20-2013 12:34 PM

Good that they're doing this but I have a feeling they're not going to reveal the results of these tests until after the fight is done...

onip69 02-20-2013 12:35 PM

Good to see this happen so quick but I do wonder what will happen when someone get caught. The punishment will probably depend on who it is.

Mr Jeff 1 02-20-2013 12:37 PM

I think this testing is a good thing, but what i dont like is all the other guys using, but dont let the commission know that arent going to be tested. I think if dana wants to do it right, that he needs to test every fighter for the next upcoming event, but we all know this would be alot of failed tests, that would jepordize the event.On another note the ufc need to be a little more consistent on the way they cut fighters, garcia 4 losses in a row, still employeed/ volkman, 6 and 2 cut. joe silva is a miget douch bag, he sets up shitty fights most of the time and has no idea who should stay, or who gets cut again DOUCHBAG......

Canadian Psycho 02-20-2013 12:41 PM

I don't know that UFC will suspend fighters, especially if doing so might hurt an upcoming PPV. But the organization could certainly dabble in fines, pay cuts, etc. Should be interesting to see what the actual punishments are.

K R Y 02-20-2013 12:50 PM

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I urr wow. Didn't expect this. Kudos.

Dr Gonzo 02-20-2013 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho (Post 1818609)
I don't know that UFC will suspend fighters, especially if doing so might hurt an upcoming PPV. But the organization could certainly dabble in fines, pay cuts, etc. Should be interesting to see what the actual punishments are.

That'l be the best idea I think. Stripping of titles too. I too can't see them cutting anyone from a PPV. Especially with how many injuries we get each year.

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