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rdlviper 07-19-2006 04:30 PM

UFC 62 RESULTS - Live UFC 62 Results


MMA Fight Results

Chuck Liddell vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral
Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian (for the vacant UFC Lightweight Title)
David Loiseau vs. Mike Swick
David Terrell vs. Anderson Silva OR Nathan Marquard

rdlviper 08-26-2006 09:35 PM

Yushin Okami vs Alan Belcher

Not much action in the opening stage. Both fighters felt eachother out for most of the first 5 minutes, with Okami mounting some offense in the second half of the round. Okami scored a takedown then mount, before Belcher was able to scramble to his feet. Okami lands a left hook before the round closes. scores it 10-9 for the Japanese fighter.

Belcher comes out more agrresive in the second round. He throws a flying knee that is caught by Okami. Yushin trips him and quickly moves to side-control. Belcher escapes to his feet but is taken down again. scroes it 10-9 for Okami.

Okami gets a fast takedown and takes Belcher's back. He's got both hooks in and looking for the choke. Belcher using good hand control to defend. Okami starting to punch Belcher from behind. Belcher escapes and ends up in Okami's guard. Yushin going for a Kimura. Once again Belcher escapes to his feet. Okami lands a punch combo and scores another takedown with an insdie trip. He finishes the fight pounding away in Belcher's scores all three rounds for Yushin Okami.

Official Score:
29-28 All for Okami.

rdlviper 08-26-2006 09:35 PM

Cory Walmsley vs David Heath
Walmsley lands a right hand to kick off the action. Heath quickly clinches and scores a takedown. Heath working from the top in his opponent's guard with punches and elbows. Walmsley tries to escape to his feet but Heath jumps on his back and forces a tapot with a rear naked choke at 2:32 of the first round.

rdlviper 08-26-2006 09:36 PM

Wes Combs vs Wilson Gouveia
Both fighters circling for the first 90 seconds. Wilson lands a hard low kick then a takedown. From there, Gouveia effortlessly advanced to Combs' back and ended the fight with a rear naked choke at 3:23 of the first period.

rdlviper 08-26-2006 09:38 PM

Eric Schafer vs Rob MacDonald
First round starts with both fighters pawing lazy jabs at each other. Schafer tries to pull guard and go for a front choke. MacDonald escapes and gets to his feet. Schafer scores a takedown into MacDonald's guard. Schafer moves to mount, then his opponent's back. MacDonald rolls over and Schafer catches him with a arm-triangle choke. Referee Herb Dean calls a stop to the contest at 2:26 of the first round after MacDonald is choked unconscious by the Kata-Gatame hold.

Tomy 08-26-2006 10:22 PM

anxiously waiting:confused:

rdlviper 08-26-2006 10:24 PM

Jamie Varner vs Hermes Franca
Varner striking well from the outside as the first round begins. Hermes working leg kicks and trying to close the distance. Varner shoots in and Hermes attempts a guillotine. Varner now standing with Hermes lying on the canvas. Varner looking comfortable early in the round as he lunges in with punches. Hermes catches a punch and tries an omaplata. Hermes scrambles to his feet and attempts another guillotine. Both fighters now standing. Varner lands a solid knee to Hermes’ midsection. Hermes lands a right hand just before the round closes. WE score it 10-9 for Varner.

Varner scores a single-leg takedown and lands some punches from Hermes’ guard. Again Franca looks for an omaplata. Varner moves to his feet and Franca follows. Varner scores another takedown. Varner now on Hermes’ back, with Franca working for a Kimura. Varner back in Franca's guard and working elbows and punches.

Perhaps sensing his possible disadvantage on the judges’ scorecards, Hermes turns up the heat. Franca lands a knee that stuns Varner. Referee “Big” John McCarthy takes a point from Varner for running but it allows him time to recover. Varner now working from Hermes’ guard. Franca finishes the fight with a nasty unorthodox armbar from an omaplata position at 3:31 of the third round.

TheSuplexor 08-26-2006 10:37 PM

come on sherk

Spit206Fire 08-26-2006 10:48 PM

Sherks not fighting in UFC 62 :( i would have bought it if he was.

Its really.

Griffen Vs Bonner
Liddell Vs Babalu
Diaz vs Neer

Those are the 3 tops fights.

TeamPitBull 08-26-2006 10:49 PM

Cheick Kongo vs. Christian Wellisch
Round One:
And we're off! Wellisch pushes the pace on the onset, but his takedown attempt is blocked by Kongo (who sprawls). They clinch against the cage, and Wellisch finally gets his takedown.

He works from Kongo's side control and then moves to the mount. He rains blows on Kongo, who desperately tries to get out. But Kongo's arm is taken, and he's in an armbar. Somehow, Kongo manages to pull out, and they're back to standing.

They clinch, and Kongo connects with some really hard knees and punches. Wellisch is stunned, and eventually the action goes to the mat. Kongo gets on top of Wellisch and then takes his back, but Wellisch rolls out. Kongo retains control, though, and sends some shots into Wellisch's back.

The fight moves back to standup, and Kongo quickly tears Wellisch apart with knees and punches. Wellisch hits the mat, and the referee stops the fight before Kongo can continue the assault.

Cheick Kongo defeats Christian Wellisch via TKO at 2:51 of Round One.

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