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Budhisten 04-23-2013 06:25 AM

***OFFICIAL*** Phil Davis vs. Vinny Magalhaes Thread

HitOrGetHit 04-23-2013 09:01 AM

I am taking Vinny. This is such a bad fight for Phil. Taking a fight against a fighter that should be ranked much lower but has a very good chance at beating him. Phil says he can out grapple Vinny but I don't think so. We are talking about one of the best BJJ practitioners on the planet. I also think Vinny has better striking. Neither has good striking by any means but I think Phil has the worst striking at 205.

jonnyg4508 04-23-2013 10:05 AM

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I realize Phil is the 3 to 1 favorite. I realize wrestling many times wins out on BJJ. But I'll take Vinny because I really think Phil isn't a good striker at all. If Vinny is aggressive I am picking him to win.

khoveraki 04-23-2013 01:00 PM

Phil wins by being a better MMA fighter who has fought tougher competition for longer, simple as that.

St.Paul Guy 04-23-2013 01:57 PM

This will probably be a terrible kickboxing match with Phil winning by retreating leg kicks.

OU 04-23-2013 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by St.Paul Guy (Post 2007882)
This will probably be a terrible kickboxing match with Phil winning by retreating leg kicks.

I think Vinny edges Phil in the standup if it stays there.

Buakaw_GSP 04-23-2013 03:26 PM

Tough fight to call, I would say that Phil wins on the basis of being able to take Vinny down and Vinny unable to actually sub Phil. Decision win for Davis.

GriffinFanKY 04-23-2013 04:42 PM

Phil Davis via being the better well rounded fighter. Just watched the countdown and I know he trains with Chael but why does Magalhaes talk any crap besides Igor he is 1-2 in the UFC and beat no one of note. It just surprised me I guess.

Toxic 04-24-2013 12:16 AM

Phil Davis is a good wrestler but to be honest Vinny has been training a lot with a better wrestler in Chael Sonnen. Davis better show up with vastly improved striking here because I would not be shocked to see Magalhaes get this fight to the ground.

AlphaDawg 04-24-2013 04:00 AM

Very interesting match up. Davis can't use his wrestling because of Vinny's BJJ, but Phil's striking is pretty bad. All he has going for him is body and leg kicks, which could ultimately lead to a takedown for Vinny.

I think they'll end up in an awkward scramble, similar to Samman vs Casey, and Vinny will snatch an arm.

EDIT: Nevermind. I've been watching a few of Vinny's fights and his ground game in MMA honestly isn't that good. Yea, he usually gets the submission but it takes him forever. He'll get mount but not do anything with it sometimes.

I don't know how Phil will win, since his striking is poor and he can't use his wrestling, but I think he'll pull it off somehow. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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