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Originally Posted by Beeg View Post
Awesome Beeg. Now if we can only have someone translate or paraphrase what GSP actually said (as it appears the translator missed a lot)
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You're Welcome.
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The translator was awful, lol.
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Here are some paraphrased translations, from a French speaking guy (me):

So George was asked (in French) if his decision had anything to do with animosity towards Dana White after his post-fight press conference (prior to GSP arriving)... here is what REALLY happened:

GSP knew he needed stitches, but kept waiting for the doctors to show up (he never left in an ambulance). He had time to shower, put on a suit and tie, and afterwards the doctor came to give him stitches.

Once he was stitched up, he told the UFC staffer (he said it in French - seems like he meant a UFC Media/Communication representative of sorts) in the locker room that he wanted to go to the press conference. She told him he didn't need to.

Again, he insisted, saying that he knew there was some controversy surrounding the decision, and again she told him not to worry about it. At this point, he knew something was up, so he brushed by security and over her insistence that he stay, he yelled that he was going.

In he walks to the press conference, still completely unaware of Dana's comments, and he doesn't understand why everyone is "white as a ghost". He sits down, answers some questions, and that's it.

It was only the next day when friends told him what was said, that he became aware of Dana's comments. GSP goes on to say there is no bad blood, he respects Dana, and knows that at his core White is a promoter - people don't have to like White, he just needs to make sure the fights sell.

Some more points to come out: GSP thinks he won rounds 1, 3, and 5, and wouldn't have accepted the belt otherwise. When asked about the personal rumors (no specifics were mentioned), he said that he hasn't heard ALL the rumors, but that his private life is just that: private. In terms of this decision to step away, he said that he needs to ensure he remains healthy, mentally, and that he needs to take some time to find that competitive spirit. This announcement has been in the works for several fights, and further, he knew he was going to say something BEFORE the fight with Hendricks. He was emotional when Joe Rogan pushed for an answer, so he claims it didn't come out as he intended, but this was no last minute decision, nor was it sporadic.

EDIT: I've gone back, and here is GSP's version of events as to what took place after the fight and into the post-fight press conference. Direct translation, word for word. Original video (no translation): Part 1 Part 2

Transcript below starts at 5:49 of Part 2.

What happened on the 16th of November, after the fight... I waited for the doctors for a very long time because I was supposed to get stiches [on my face]. They finally showed up and gave me the stitches, and I had already had time to shower and change - I was wearing a tie and everything.

So once the stitches were done, I have the press attaché for the UFC, that works for the UFC [in my changing room], so I stand up, and I ask, "Where's the press conference?". And she [the UFC press attaché] tells me "Oh, you don't need to go to the press conference; it's OK". So I said, "No, I have to go to the press conference because there was some controversy after my fight and I would like to explain myself and help clear things up". And then she said, "No, no, it's OK, you don't need to go". And then I said, "No, no, I want to go," so I started to walk to go to the press conference and she screamed at me, "Georges! You're not allowed to go; you're not supposed to go". And I replied, "Oh yeah? Well I'm going anyway!".

So I moved passed security, because I knew something was going on; and that is true. I swear that it's true. I SWEAR it's true. So I arrived on stage at the press conference and I had no idea why everyone was white as sheets [white as a ghost]; people were looking at me, they were white [as ghosts], they were surprised to see me, and I didn't understand why. And then I realized, maybe something had happened. So I sat, and I did the press conference, and afterwards, because I had no idea what had happened, and then afterwards, with my friends, I was told that there was a rumor about me going to the hospital in an ambulance.


He then goes on to reiterate that the damage he suffered was superficial, and that while Johnny hits hard, GSP was fine two days later and was out playing volleyball and running on the beach in Malibu. In either this press conference or the phone call just before, he also mentioned (when asked if the damage he has taken over his fights is influencing this decision), he said "absolutely not", and says he is at 100% physically and has never felt better.
The earlier link posted to corroborates that. Looks like the right interview, as GSP is wearing an old Quebec Nordiques jersey.
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The reddit guy did a pretty good job at translating that (since I speak french).

But he never said security blocked him. He just said he made his way passed security. But it does sound like Dana didn't want him to be there and wanted to play the old "guy is so messed up he can't even come here to talk to you guys to sell a rematch, which is lame as fu*k.

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Alright, so that clears up a lot of what I thought (with my broken french) and what actually happened.

Dana said a lot was 'lost in translation' and it looks like nothing was. Once again, its Dana claiming 'conspiracy theory' when its nothing of the sort. Its actual claims made by GSP as to what happened.

So now what. Because its been 2 weeks. Does the media leave it because Dana brushed it off? Or does the media hold his feet to the fire and call him out on the facts according to GSP (without the BS lost in translation or conspiracy theory stuff he is trying to pull)

Hold his feet to the fire boys. This is what GSP said specifically. Now what?

Personally I don't see it. The media is more on holding a backstage pass then having Dana answering tough questions asked, which is proven time and time again. We will soon find out.
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I think I'm starting to see how this has played out, and I have to say DW moved pretty quick on damage control.

Watch the video from fight night when White gives GSP the belt in the ring.... he's all smiles and sunshine. It appears with White there's no controversy on the decision.

In the ring post fight GSP talks to Rogan about "hanging up my gloves for a little bit...". I'm sure White's heard rumours of/had talks with St. Pierre about this before. I'm also sure he wasn't expecting St. Pierre to go public about anything without the UFC's foreknowledge or approval.

So "Job 1" for White after that Rogan ring interview is to keep St. Pierre away from any microphones for the rest of the night. Go backwards then through post fight events, keeping this in mind:

a) end goal is to keep St. Pierre away from microphones (which means no press conference)

b) White needs a good reason for the media as to why St. Pierre's not at the press conference. Reason given is he got mauled in the fight and is off to the hospital. (For that to be "true", White instructs his staff to make sure St. Pierre stays away from the post fight conference.) In St. Pierre's absence, White banters that the decision sucks and winning's all about "damage."

c) Fighters usually don't win fights when they get mauled and go to the hospital... so White has to cover that ground. Before the press conference, he goes off in an interview with Ariel Helwani about the terrible NSAC judging... he fears having events in Nevada because he doesn't trust the outcome of decisions.... says he only gave St. Pierre one round in the fight, and that Hendricks got robbed of the belt.... so on and so on. "He owes it to the fans, he owes it to this company and he owes it to Johny Hendricks to come in and do that fight again."

Everything White did from the moment GSP spoke with Rogan in the ring... until GSP unexpectedly walked into the press conference.... was to keep GSP away from a mic. During White's walk from giving GSP the belt until a few minutes later when speaking with Helwani, Dana White was able to conceive and execute a consistent message about a highway robbery decision, busted up champion gone to the hospital and "what's fair is fair".... all to preserve control of his biggest money maker. I gotta say, considering how little time White had to prepare for the unexpected, he was pretty slick and quick getting pressure on the UFC's jugular that GSP had just torn open.

GSP's "mall opening" was actually himself ripping White's hand off the jugular to let the bleeding resume. It's all about damage.
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Sad really to treat the guys like that especially a guy who while making you buckets of money you praise. It will be interesting to see how to handles this now.
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