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Spit206Fire 08-16-2006 03:01 AM

When will we see more TUF 3 fighters?
I want to see some more of Kendall Grove, Michael Bisping, Matt Hamill, Ed Herman, Kaleb Starnes.

I hate how long it takes for the UFC to put TUF on PPV cards, they don't have to be main even fights, just put them up against guys that have a good name and rep for themselves.

Either that or atleast put them in Ultimate Fight Night.

Anyone know of any rumors that are going around with these fighters?

I know the looser of Bonnar, Griffen will probably go to fight Bisping is my guess. I would like to see Kendall Grove fight Ed Herman again, that fight was SICK.

Choke_Wire 08-16-2006 03:08 AM

Kaleb was gunna fight on this thursdays fightnight but was injured. ya i hope we see though's guys pop up soon

CTFlyingKnee 08-16-2006 03:20 AM

TUF 3 had the most potential in theif fighters ive seen so far......Bisping, Starnes, Pointon, Tait Fletcher and even (and some will hate on this) but Ed Herman.......its gonna be interesting to see what they do w/ them from here

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