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putmeonhold 09-06-2006 10:46 PM

Answer something new! Your Input Please!
( oops, I posted this on the UFC TV site too). Here's something I don't think anyone else has asked B4. Who do you think will be the next legend to come back and actually win??? I think Randy Coture

Spit206Fire 09-06-2006 10:49 PM

I don't think Randy's comming back.

I think it would have to be when Liddell retires if he comes back he always has a shot.

pt447 09-06-2006 10:51 PM

well... thats a tough question... it depends on who you concider a legend... i mean, carlos newton is coming back, and i think he's one of the best fighters of all time... perhaps not the winningest, but he's prolly one of the top 5 practitioners of the sport...

hard to say on anyone...

gduff2 09-07-2006 12:12 AM

when's newton coming back and where? That guy is awsome

Punishment 101 09-07-2006 12:17 AM

I said this the night Couture retired..... Randy willl come back and fight Tito Ortiz , AFTER Tito Ortiz wins the title from Chuck (WHICH OBVIOUSLY HAS TO HAPPEN FIRSt)

Tito already made a commment to Couture back at the UFC 59 post fight interview

Couture vs Ortiz II willl happen if Tito beats Chuck (Which i think he will) :thumbsup:

Choke_Wire 09-07-2006 12:24 AM

too bad tito wont beat chuck...i would love to see randy back in the cage

evilhomer 09-07-2006 02:13 AM

Randy has stated in interviews b4 that he would make a comeback if the payday was big enough

CTFlyingKnee 09-07-2006 02:52 AM

as long as hes not fighting for 5 and 5 he might come back haha, Imagine if he came back, won the title.....and then retired as champion? that would be incredible....although I dont want him to come back and ruin his legacy if he loses, hes already going out with a loss

WouldLuv2FightU 09-07-2006 03:42 AM


Originally Posted by CTFlyingKnee
although I dont want him to come back and ruin his legacy if he loses, hes already going out with a loss

The UFC would not let that happen^ That is the reason the UFC gets accused of being rigged because of fights like this. Like Chuck vs Babalu where if Chuck won he could fight Wandy and make a huge draw for Dana, and Bas Rutten's final MMA fight got given a decision in his favor even though it was clear that he lost, I'm not saying I agree or disagree with this theory...but it sure is you think the UFC would want one of their posterboys (not meant to be an insult but it's true), retiring twice on a loss? It might be too big of a blemish in Dana's eyes, but I don't know I'm just throwing it out there for you guys to munch on.

Evil 09-07-2006 03:55 AM

Dan Severn. Please, He is not at ufc level but it would be fun to watch

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