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New Nate Quarry Interview » Nate Quarry Interview: Nate Quarry, Paul Buentello, Team Quest: ryanloco article

And yes, it should be real this time lol

Fresh off his win against Pete Sell at the latest UFN, I had a chance to sit down with Nate Quarry. Well, it was over the phone, but I'm pretty sure we were both sitting.

Ryan Loco: Why don't we start off by you telling everybody where you're at, and why...

Nate Quarry: Are you recording this? I have to make sure I say everything clearly so you don't misquote me.

Loco: Oh, no...misquoting people is what makes part of my interviews so good.

Quarry: Well that's cool, go ahead, add a little spice. Currently I am in Miami, Florida. The reason foor that is I came down here directly after my fight for a fishing show called "The SaltWater Experience" on the VS channel and we went out fishing for sharks, and I caught a few sharks, and it was just incredible. It was an amazing thing to do. Now I'm flying back to Vegas.

Loco: The sharks you caught, how did they taste?

Quarry: Unfortunately, the show is catch and release. They wouldn't even let me take a nibble off of the dorsal fin. Which kinda pissed me off, that really was the lowlight of the whole trip. I really wanted to kill something and take it home and eat it, but they wouldn't let me.

Loco: Now, you also went with Paul Buentello, though. Was there any chance that you could have killed him and ate him?

Quarry: I tried, but he kept an eye on me. I kept sneaking up behind him and he saw me with a knife and a fork and he was like, "What's up with that?" and I was like, "Nothing...just in know, I'm hungry."

Loco: If Paul was on that soccer plane that went down, he would have been the first to go. He would have a bullseye on his back.

Quarry: Well, I already decided long ago that if anything went down, I would eat Paul, it just makes sense.

Loco: You pretty much have decided to eat Paul regardless, right? It doesn't have to be a life threatening situation. You'd eat him if you were stuck in traffic.

Quarry: Well, yeah. As soon as I met Paul, my first thought was "He looks delicious." Now I'm kinda looking for an opportunity. If we get stuck in traffic, I'm like "Hey, uh, chop off a piece of your calf there and let me nibble on it for awhile."

Loco: What was worse, being punched in the face by Pete Sell, or being stuck on a small boat with a sweaty, shirtless Paul Buentello?

Quarry: *Laughs* Both have their benefits and negatives. Pete punching me in the head hurt my...well, my head. Paul without his shirt on hurt my brain.

Loco: Hurt your soul, wouldn't you say?

Quarry: Exactly.

Loco: Now, let's get to the most important question that's ever been asked of you, probably of all time. How pissed are you at Joe Rogan for not getting the Anchorman reference after the fight?

Quarry: Oh man, that was weak! I mean, am I the only one who lives life vicariously through really crappy, hilarious movies? I try to work in some crazy movie reference every time I fight. When I fought Shonie Carter, I made the reference "You don't wanna get kicked in the face while I'm wearing these bad boys." So now I did an Anchorman reference. Who knows, maybe next time it will be Tootsie.

Loco: You definitely gotta do Superbad. After Rogan interviews ya, you just say, "You know what Joe,you scratch my back, I scratch yours."

Quarry: "And the funny thing about my back is that it's located on my cock."

Loco: You'd been out of the fight game for waht, 13 years now? 13 year layoff?

Quarry: Well, my last fight was on the Titanic. And I remember that was a difficult fight because the ref wouldn't stop the fight even though were drowning. Between rounds I had to swim back to my corner. That made it difficult.

Loco: How good did it feel to just get back in there?

Quarry: It was incredible. I had been working so hard. The comeback road had been so long, so many difficulties. Finally, to get back in there and see that all my training, my hard work and perseverance wasn't for nothing. It was a relief. And to know it was gonna be seen by millions of people on TV, it was just incredible.

Loco: You must have been amped to find out your fight got moved to the main card.

Quarry: Yeah, Mike Swick got injured. He actually popped a rib or something, so he wasn't able to fight. I was supposed to be on the undercard, because they were unsure after my layoff how my performance was going to be. It was almost in the cards that everything just worked out, for me to make my return on the first fight of the night on the Ultimate Fight Night.

Loco: Did you send Mike a thank you card?

Quarry: Yeah, it's in the mail.

Loco: How was it fighting at the Pearl (in the Palms Hotel)?

Quarry: That was really cool. It was kind of like fighting in the Muppets theatre. It had all these balconies, and there were old people up there yelling, "You suck, get outta here!" So I thought it was pretty cool.

Loco: What is next for "Rock". Not "The Rock". Just "Rock".

Quarry: For this "Rock"? Right now, I'm just chilling and recovering. That's probably the worst beating I've ever taken in a fight. He hit me quite a few times to the head, really solid shots. And I landed a lot of shots on him, which made my right hand swell up, my right elbow shoulder hurt. Right now I'm just kinda healing, taking a well deserved vacation. This is the first time in 2 years that I can actually look in my bank account like "Holy shit, I have enough money to buy food for the next week, I think I'm ok." Just a huge relief, I'm looking to just recover, analyze my game, watch the fight, and see what I need to change. Work on it to be better for the next one.

Loco: You got Fight of the Night, KO of the Night, Tattoos of the Night, Acceptance Speech of the Night...what else did you get?

Quarry: Coolest Movie Reference of the Night...

Loco: The Awkward Joe Rogan Hug of the Night.

Quarry: I gave him the hug of his lifetime, I think. I just missed him so damn much!

Loco: You guys should get an apartment together.

Quarry: We should, I miss his musk.

Loco: In all seriousness, you got the Fight and KO of the night, was it nice to rub it in Leben's face, like you did all that work for nothing?

Quarry: Actually, the really cool thing was, and thanks to the UFC for this, they gave both me and Leben KO of the night. So we both walked away with a little bit of cash.

Loco: See what happens when you're not a part of Team Quest anymore?

Quarry: Yeah, I guess so. Good things happen to people who stand up for themselves.

Loco: I'm surprised Matt Lindland didn't text you right afterwards asking for a cut of the bonus.

Quarry: *Laughs* What's funny is someone from Team Quest actually saw me at the venue after the fight and said, "Man, we'd really like you to come train." And I said "I'd love to, but I was told I'm not welcome there any longer because of my bad attitude and my gigantic ego. Guess I won't be there, sorry." I guess it's "You have no value whatsoever, but we go retroactive, so bring $10,000."

Loco: What ya heading to Vegas for, you gonna be on some crazy reality show?

Quarry: No, I figured I'd save the "SaltWater Experience" some money, since the UFC got me a ticket from Vegas to Portland. So now I'm just sitting here. I almost had a 14hr 4 flight day, but I changed some things around to get a direct flight to Vegas.

Loco: Ugh, I want to throw up right now, I hate airports.

Quarry: The thing I probably hate most in the world is airports. 2 reasons. 1: No one ever knows where they are going. I can understand that a little bit, they don't go to the airport as often as I do. They're kinda confused, they're walking around. But the thing that pisses me off the most is the baggage claim area. Ok, you got this little thing that's going by. You don't need to stand on it to see if your bag is coming down. You can stand back 2 or 3 feet and give plenty of room for everyone to see the bags. When I am standing 2 or 3 feet away and someone will stand directly in front of me, well then, I scoot even closer to them. Then, I'm literally standing 2-3 inches from them. And I won't even look at them. I stare straight ahead, like I'm looking for my bag. And you can see them kinda cringe and get a little nervous and they'll look back at me. "Oh, excuse me." And I'll say, "Oh, sorry what? I'm just looking for my bag."

Loco: So you're practically IN them.

Quarry: It's true.

Loco: And that's why you carry a pink bag, to spot it easier.

Quarry: Actually, I like a rainbow one.

Loco: Is it because you think every color should be represented equally...or because you have an affinity towards men?

Quarry: Umm....make love, not war?

Loco: So it's a little from column A, a little from column B...

Quarry: *Laughs*

Loco: So you're heading back to Portland, are you just training everywhere up there?

Quarry: Pretty much, everywhere but Team Quest. It's been so great, once I left Team Quest, the hospitality of all the gyms was just amazing. It's good business, because people are excited to see someone like myself, or Chris Leben or Ed Herman walk in the door. They're like, "Oh, I'm training where Chris Leben trains, I just saw him on TV." And I remember saying that to myself the first time I trained with Randy Couture. If I ever opened up a gym, and someone like Paul Buentello needed a place to train, I'd welcome him with open arms. When I went down to California, I got to train at The Fight Lab in Temecula, I got to train with Brandon Vera...the students were so excited to train with some different UFC fighters, some that they don't get to train with everyday. It was such an honor to be treated with so much kindness and respect, I loved every minute of it.

Loco: The nice thing about having Paul Buentello at your gym is you know the mats and the toilets would always be spotless.

Quarry: *Laughs* Oh man, geez that's bad.

Loco: Am I WRONG, Nate?

Quarry: Man, no comment. The first time I ever met Paul, it was after his first fight in the UFC. He won by KO and I went up to him and I said, "Paul, when I grow up I want to fight like you." I think his standup is just incredible. I wish him success where ever he goes.

Loco: I'm going to end this with 1 more extremely important question...If you could be any superhero, who would you be? And, if you could bang any super heroine, or cartoon girl, who would it be?

Quarry: Boy, that IS a good question. My favorite superhero has always been the "Incredible Hulk." I love the story. He came from a really restrictive background. He was held down, his father was abusive, wouldn't let him do anything he wanted to do. He bottled up all that rage until he unleashed it as the Hulk. I love that story. It's a little twisted from my story, but in many ways, it's very similar. From being very controlled as a child and finally, I reach adulthood and now I can be who I want to be, and unleash myself on the world, and just kinda follow my dream. Plus, the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets, which I think is bad ass. As far as hitting up the chicks, there's so many hotties.

Loco: I know man, it can be anyone. Good girl, bad girl...I know Betty Rubble, she...damn.

Quarry: What about Tigress?

Loco: Thundercats?

Quarry: No, she was one of the Avengers.

Loco: Ahh yeah, Cheetara was part of the Thundercats. Tigress,'re a pretty sick ****.

Quarry: *Laughs* But think about her tongue, it'd be all scratchy!

Loco: I just got the worst visual of my life.

Quarry: You just threw up a little in your mouth, huh?

Loco: So you're into furry, you like hippie chicks. Au natural.

Quarry: *Laughs* Damn, I better rethink this, then. It needs to be someone respectable in the public eye, but a freak in the sheets.

Loco: Wonder Woman?

Quarry: I think she'd be too uptight. I need a girl who's a little crazy, I need to fear for my life.

Loco: Ok, and with that, I'm done.

Quarry: Alrighty. My sponsors are all on my website ( Biggest one is Nuvasive. They were responsible for the procedure that fixed my back. Go to my website, click on the link for Nuvasive. They're huge at just helping people with back problems.

Loco: Thanks for your time, Nate.

Quarry: Anytime.


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Is it just me or ios Nate Quarry hilarious?
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yeah, nate seems like a real cool dude- very down to earth and funny. i had a kick outta reading that.
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great read


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I didn't know Quarry and Team Quest had that kind of falling out.
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that was a ******* hilarious interview.

Whats the ANCHORMAN quote after the Sell fight???

I love anchorman and I didnt spot it.
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I love that Cable Guy quote from his other fight!

I remember the quote happening and laughing about it being an anchorman quote - but I was too mangled on pot and beer to remember! haha!

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Pretty sure it was something about them getting an apartment togather. He said it to Rogan.
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Good read, Nate Quarry is a funny guy. What cracks me up is Joe Rogan hugs every one of these guys after they've been rolling around sweaty and bleeding for 15 minutes. Therefore by the end of the night he has like 10 peoples dirty sweat on him (if you consider each guy has both his own and his oppponents sweat on him) he no doubt reeks of B.O. by the end of the night.
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Bad boys bad boys!
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Quoting funny films doesn't make you a funny guy. It's like reading from a joke book. To me, Quarry just seems like an ass. It's no suprise he got kicked out of Quest.
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